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    • My cell is 409-719-7042. Give me a call when you’re concerned about deliverables or budget. If it’s a real concern, I’ll at least tell you what I know in lieu of speculation. So far, no issues with stadium portion of bond. Just can’t fit the design and construction of press box, bathrooms, seating, etc. in before Fall 2020 season. No need to rush it OR hold out on turf installation. So many programs get to benefit by moving forward with the turf - our huge 300+ band, twirlers, flags, cheer, and westernaires won’t have to stay in the stands just because it’s a mud pit on the field. These groups put hours and hours in. Thankful they’ll get to showcase their talents too. 
    • No issue with the stadium budget so far for the bond. The turf is a very straightforward project and it didn’t make sense to hold it up and not let our 2021 class enjoy it just because the bathrooms, press box, seating, etc. weren’t ready to go. We’ll circle back once the other drawings are complete and work it in around spring sports. The remaining portion of the stadium bond should be completed for the 2021-2022 school year. Heavy focus right now is Elementary Schools and NHS design which includes a state of the art CTE wing. Middle schools to follow. 
    • https://www.infowars.com/black-voters-give-joe-biden-a-piece-of-their-minds-in-devastating-ad/
    • Lock down has cost more lives than it saved? https://www.theblaze.com/news/nobel-prize-winning-scientist-explains-why-covid-lockdowns-may-have-cost-more-lives-than-they-saved
    • I agree completely on video. I have intervened when I have seen officers trying to drop someone from making a video. The only issue is if the person gets too far into a scene. When a person is so close as to interfere with an officer, that isn’t legal but not because of the video.   I think it was earlier in this thread or maybe even another forum but I said that the video guy was reported to have take post in the attempted apprehension of Arbery. It was not from taking video. The three men were reported to have been all together in trying to arrest Arbery. Of course that is just from reports that I read which isn’t evidence  In what GA calls immediate knowledge, I think Texas calls “in his presence”. Texas law says an arrest can be made if within his presence or view. Obviously within view is to actually witness the crime but I think in his presence means close enough to know it is happening right now. Like a person hears glass break and turns a corner and sees a man standing next to a broken window and a hammer is on the ground. The crime wasn’t within view but it was within the person’s “presence”. I think that the GA law is similar. Immediate knowledge means you are close enough to know that a crime has been committed. If aneighbor calls you 5 minutes later about a possible crime, is that immediate? I think not but I don’t feel like looking up GA case law. 
    • Folks have a short memory when thinking of HJ. I see returners Sears an Porter mentioned but not Wirth and Austin S. Throw in some kids that got a ton of playing time last year on the varsity district co championship team and you got a heckuva group to build on. Add some solid kids off a JV that won the district and I like the Hawks chances in that district. I still like Silsbee in the other district even though they are young. Lumberton graduated really heavy and didn’t have much promise moving up . Also really like the Sophomore kid up in Woodville. 
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