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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!

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    • i agree with the last part for sure.  and i respect the fact that we can always have these conversations and move on past them to something else when it comes up without it following us into unrelated issues.
    • I really try to give some leeway on these types of matters.  You flat out insulted people about 6 times in less than two pages of this thread, some involving profanity.  It more than warranted a warning.  How many hundreds of your posts could have been nitpicked over your time on this site to find insults, some thinly veiled and some not?  You're asking for a warning for me saying you're intentionally dense.  That isn't an insult.  It's a statement saying I believe you're intentionally misunderstanding my point in an effort to not have to make a legitimate argument against it.  I could've typed it out as such, but I assume that you're capable of understanding it's meaning.  It's certainly less of an insult that calling me a naive fool, which again, I don't really consider that big of a deal.  I'm not threatening anything, merely pointing out that if "intentionally dense" is worthy of a warning, the "naive fool" most certainly is.
    • Again, I don’t agree with your interpretation of conservative.  As always, we can agree to disagree. 
    • Your the one threatening warnings not me.  Talk about thin skinned. Lol So you get a warning , an I get banned.  Sounds like a liberal mindset to me. Lol
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