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  1. Maybe homecoming festivities didn’t have the dogs focused… barrow and company get them back in the win column. 38-31 dogs on top
  2. 153 square miles huh? Where did you get that number from?
  3. If he keeps it up I can see him winning that Willy Ray Smith Award!! Good job young man.
  4. I heard y’all do, but BH pays extremely well. If y’all want someone y’all aren’t afraid to go get him and pay that person extremely well. Plus the facilities are top notch… that’s why I said if BH wants someone they seem to get that person
  5. Why would someone mess with the score like that? Should be banned.
  6. 1.) Summer Creek 2.) Atascocita 3.) BH 4.) Lee 5.) TC 6.) Crosby 7.) Dayton 8.) HF 9.) Columbus 10.) Jasper 11.) Silsbee 12.) Anahuac 13.) Orangefield 14.) Shepard 15.) EC 16.) Coldspring-Oakhurst 17.) Anderson-Shiro 18.) Newton 19.) Woodville 20.) Garrison 21.) Cushing 22.) HD 23.) Joaquin 24.) Houston West Bury 25.) Beaumont Kelly
  7. Great team win by the bulldogs and coaching staff with a extra day to rest for Dayton,
  8. Lonestar is a terrible youth league btw… they should all go to STJFL…
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