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  1. Hard fought game between the two. The young dogs are getting better as the season goes on. It’s going to be a little too late. But looking forward to finish out the season strong and build on this. The foundation is being set to be one of the top teams in district next year.
  2. He should get 1 more season tall tell sign of the program, unless they wanna hire beard lol
  3. Tall task for the young dogs but with English anything can happen… Dog Dome should be rocking,
  4. Next season Nederland basketball will be back in prime form. The young dogs will just gain that experience and do a upset or two on the way 😎
  5. That is very true, thought place to play. Even tougher come playoff time.
  6. Bout to be 12…. Pa bout to run through 2nd half of district undefeated.
  7. Don’t see how Nederland is a disappointment. This is a rebuilding year, English basically said it before the season about how senior heavy last years team was…. These are young dogs, especially a freshman on varsity. Look for them to be tough next year. Several sophomores and a freshman starting this year.
  8. Didn’t Mathews run a spread offense for a few years but didn’t pan out? Like early 2000s?
  9. Faircloth first year they went undefeated all season long and lost round 2 to Brehnam.
  10. Reason why he wasn’t interested nor did he interview for Lamar. Kevin is doing big things!
  11. Anyone with an update? @Mr. Buddy Garrity you heard anything?
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