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    • Are grown up adults making all these posts? Anyways, congratulations to the Titans, always have strong teams and wish them well the rest of the season.  To my Bulldogs, win some you lose some so pick your head up and finish taking care of business, lots of games left. 
    • I agree with cardinal backer. As teachers coaches, the group collectively loves to complain about low pay. I can understand being a teacher coach of 33 years. But I actually feel I was compensated fairly. I was the baby from a farming immigrant family of 7 whose parents had a second  grade education before having to work the cotton fields. We grew up poor, but full because of our farm. When I got my first job at Clear Lake intermediate in 84 for about $14,000, i was in hog heaven and rich. I’ve seen hard work in the oil, chemical and construction fields and better salaries. There is good and bad in everything. If you don’t like it get out. We have a problem not with the $ we make but what we spend and how we let others dictate happiness to us. I believe my only argument about the education profession is the benefits, namely insurance. What a ripoff. Like this big raise teachers got from the state last year, funny how every teachers insurance raised an almost identical amount. ✝️👍🐻
    • It was a tough grind it out see saw type of game. We led most of the game but we knew sooner or later a run from United was going to come. North Shore is solid but United is/was the better team. The athletic demons appeared to be in effect all across the country last nite. There was a near brawl between both teams last nite , and both coaches got into it and had to apologize in front of the entire gym
    • This is why we need to keep guys like you around here.
    • So feb 14 it is!!!!  Probably for the district title.   Only hiccup I may see is kountze playing at OF.  
    • I have friend that coached in a Houston area high school.  Married a girl, had a kid... ended up going to work in the industrial field down in South Texas.  He bounced from just under $60k to over $100k instantly.  Fast forward two years and he quit the industrial job and moved the family back to the Houston area and actually snagged his old job back.  Still hitting about $60k and non-stop whining about the salary.  I get it... It's way more fun to coach up kids and not have to worry about the weather, even longer hours than coaching, job insecurity, safety in the workplace, etc... But stop whining already.  He's doing what he wants to do... there are lots of other options out there.   An analogy I'd use is this.  There are guys that operate heavy equipment on pipelines.  They usually have to move around and follow the work which means time away from home.   When they actually have jobs they work tons of hours, but the pay rates are phenomenal.  Those guys are subject to layoffs at any minute and production in their workplace is of the highest importance.  Same thing with crane operators in the plants.  Long hours, night shifts, job insecurity, sketchy benefits.... but the pay makes up for that.  Then you have the guy that maintains streets for the City of Groves.  He works five minutes from the house, works 4 tens and has every weekend off.  He reads the paper in the crapper every morning after he clocks in and is back at the shop by 3 o'clock every day waiting to clock out at 4:30.  He's just checking days off of the calendar until he can retire with benefits.  Everybody knows how completely useless those guys for the 4 hours per day that they're kinda-sorta filling potholes.   Now imagine the City of Groves guys moaning that he doesn't make as much money as those boys on the pipelines or refineries do.... they're all equipment operators, right? That pretty much sums up my opinion on the "teachers should make as much as everybody else" hoax. 
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