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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

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    • Forgive me if I don’t take your word for anything. What historian defined conservatism or conservatives back in 1860? Like I said the names of liberals have changed over the years but not their behavior. LF is probably right in the fact that your definition of conservatives is different but that’s not surprising to me. 
    • All I know is the kkk was the strong arm of the democrats after the civil war. They were mainly about terrorizing and killing ex-slaves, and suppressing their vote (sound familiar). White sympathizers to the Republican Reconstruction efforts were also hanged. I sure don’t see any reversals on these points. In fact, the similarities are too obvious to be coincidental.
    • i agree with the last part for sure.  and i respect the fact that we can always have these conversations and move on past them to something else when it comes up without it following us into unrelated issues.
    • I really try to give some leeway on these types of matters.  You flat out insulted people about 6 times in less than two pages of this thread, some involving profanity.  It more than warranted a warning.  How many hundreds of your posts could have been nitpicked over your time on this site to find insults, some thinly veiled and some not?  You're asking for a warning for me saying you're intentionally dense.  That isn't an insult.  It's a statement saying I believe you're intentionally misunderstanding my point in an effort to not have to make a legitimate argument against it.  I could've typed it out as such, but I assume that you're capable of understanding it's meaning.  It's certainly less of an insult that calling me a naive fool, which again, I don't really consider that big of a deal.  I'm not threatening anything, merely pointing out that if "intentionally dense" is worthy of a warning, the "naive fool" most certainly is.
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