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  1. There is no fee from the school. What "cost" are you referencing?
  2. Open enrollment does not have anything to do with "tuition". Also, all students have to show "proof of residency".
  3. I have been one of the more vocal critics against DCTF for all of the same reasons that you identify. However, I ended up getting the subscription a few months back and have found it to be worth the money and a pleasant experience. I did not initially believe that I would need or want all of the information that comes with the subscription but have found that I utilize the package much more than what I thought I might. I have found the subscription to effectively be an "ongoing magazine at my fingertips". I stand corrected and withdraw all of my previous criticism.
  4. I dont know if they will make it that far but they definitely could depending on how the matchups shake out. Would not rate them above Columbus, Hitchcock or Franklin but they cand definitely hang with anyone else.
  5. Anahuac is set up well to give any team a run for their money. The district being "weak" is about as relevant as Belville's district being "weak" last year was for Belville. I can easily see them winning multiple playoff games.
  6. There are 1000 examples of "last year" being "irrelevant" to a current year. Rusk was very young last year, and they will never beat Carthage under any circumstances anyway. Rusk was also not "world beaters" with the previous two D1 QBs either. Anahuac was the clear favorite before the return of the D1 QB and it is based upon the overall strength of the group that Anahuac has entering into athletically "mature" phase.
  7. Yep, especially after capturing a share of a JV District Championship with Shepherd and Coldspring.
  8. What is one of “the things that are just hard to get wrong”?
  9. As stated, it is very difficult to determine the difference between teams that are good but nothing special. Woodville may be better than Hooks ND or WR but at the end of the day it is "splitting hairs". Woodville will have a chance to start proving DCTF wrong in a few more weeks.
  10. Not sure if that is accurate or not but it is difficult for anyone to discern the difference between the teams that are potentially decent but nothing special. Woodville falls into that category. I am sure that DCTF got the same information that everyone else has. WV is probably ranked where they are under the assumption that they may gain an advantage by dropping a classification.
  11. What exactly is "out of order" in Region 3?
  12. What is the normal response time for an email?
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