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  1. He probably sees a talent gap in the immediate future that will make the match not be productive for his program.
  2. “5AD1” has also “not been good for the program”.
  3. ???? Just pointing out the absurdity of your comment.
  4. Definitely have “the same problem in Bellville” of “winning a lot of games” and “scoring a lot of points”. BV has one of the top coaches in the state. What kind of offense do the teams that lose to BV run?
  5. Yes, “shame on LH for not throwing” and “scoring more points than any team in 5A”. Coaches should be “ashamed”. Especially for “winning and making deep playoff runs for the last two decades”. You should write them a letter. They would cherish your expertise.
  6. Definitely a pivotal match. Will be interesting. Would have picked Anahuac a few weeks ago but not certain now.
  7. Trying to get some information. Can anyone confirm if the "Slot T" worked in this game? Coaches call the right plays?
  8. Great job PNG. PNG is a great example of "what is right about high school football".
  9. Championship might be decided in 4 weeks. Coldspring is work in progress. Got a lot of developing pieces rounding into form. Will be interesting to see how CS fairs against Woodville.
  10. EC has a great coaching staff and have won a lot of games. Kirbyville is the better team at the moment.
  11. You have identified the coaching problems with play calling. Do you think those “0” experience RBs carrying out their fakes and blocks impacts the performance? In the Slot T? Or just poor coaching? What plays do you think the coaches should call? 200 series? 300 series? 100s? Which plays do they not call?
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