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  1. Probably would have...good thing I dont bet on HS Football!
  2. I've been told Pasadena ISD is allowing it this year...at least the last time I talked to 2 PISD coaches thats what they were led to believe
  3. Pasadena I am being told will let PHS drop this time
  4. Everything is shifting because El Paso lost a district....the state is a big puzzle...if El Paso still had their own district I think District 8 would be in Region III, but everything has shifted with one less district to work with....District 11 makes more sense to be paired with District 12 for me.... yes Lufkin has been w/College Station and A&M Consolidated before but A&M and C-State are shifted west to fill out two Austin districts...there was only one true Austin district last time now there's two with Anderson/Weiss moving down to D1 and Rouse moving up to D1...Lehman and Hays shift north out of north San Antonio back to Austin due to movement down there... The extra Austin district comes from El Paso losing a district...lots of moving parts..you absolutely could put district 11 into Region II and move district 8 to Region III, but since this is my mock realignment and I'm going off what I believe the UIL will do this is what I think will happen...
  5. Never got a number all I was told was solid 6A
  6. DeSoto is likely not opting up....Padilla and I both believe they will play in 5A (which is where I have them)....district 11 in my mock makes a better bi-district fit in Region III with the other Austin area district IMO
  7. Huntsville generally draws well this late in the playoffs right?
  8. I believe that game used the stadium camera feed...so that's an individual stadium deal with their cameras
  9. Before the playoffs I absolutely had Silsbee winning Region III, but after the first two rounds of the playoffs I saw the writing on the wall and in my picks this week I personally picked Bellville..they are just playing too well at the moment
  10. I don't think it's a stupid rule...the rule says if you get ejected in the 2nd half you gotta sit the first half of the next game...doesn't matter if that next game is eight months away lol
  11. I know at least one of the players ejected is an underclassman....I am pretty sure they'll have to sit out at least a half of the first game next year
  12. I wonder if they over-charge?? It seems like a very nice venue
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