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  1. I figure this one before its all said and done will be close to a sellout
  2. Caught up with Coach Smith postgame and he definitely mentioned the OL improvement
  3. Miller is a great player, but I thought the Tech kid had very good coverage on him much of the night...Miller's first TD I think he did have a step on him, but Brisbane led him perfectly to let Miller go get it w/the step advantage... That 2nd TD was outstanding coverage, it was just a great throw into a tight window....I really enjoyed watching those two go at it.....two outstanding players
  4. I know when Coach Graham got hired as the OC there was a lot of talk (mostly negative) about the hire..interesting after an 11-2 season and a pretty good offense if those concerns have faded? I cant remember if the negativity came from Beaumont people or PA people who were worried but I definitely recall some concern
  5. Weather bug tells me 30% chance of rain during the day and clear in the evening
  6. Just letting you know what she told me when I asked her. I dont think Ashley would lie about it, now she wasn't there and is only as good as the information being given to her but figured I'd at least offer some transparency
  7. I asked Pickle about this one, Apparently there was a power outage in the pressbox and power wasn't cut on until start of the 2nd Qtr...
  8. If you click on a game go back to the main scores page and just drag the page down and it refreshes
  9. If it doesnt come up, please download the latest update in your app store
  10. They are quoting NCAA rules which the UIL uses
  11. I was totally wrong about Lancaster, that team is a force and threat to win the region.... I was kind of right on LaPorte, I thought Berneathy would turn it around maybe have them in the mix for 4th...he's doing more than that!
  12. PVIL officially ceased to exist after 1968 but many ISD's starting closing PVIL schools earlier than that...for example Brownwood closed their seperate HS for black students in like 1961....Daingerfield and Sweeny closed their seperate HS's in 1964 or 1965 if memory serves...some places kept their PVIL school open for another year or two and then merged like in 1970...Marshall and Lufkin I believe were like that.....then you have places like Beaumont who kept them open longer....Dallas Madison, Dallas Lincoln, Houston Yates, Houston Worthing, Houston Wheatley are PVIL schools still in operation today...so things vary greatly
  13. That's true but you also have to balance that take with only one team made the playoffs until 1980....so there's a trade off that when looking at it neutrally has to be accounted for.....
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