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  2. You don't even know the difference between gold and yellow so how you become a genius overnight and able to figure out what's a 30 second differential on this forum? 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😂 @Yeoj this guy man. Smh. 😁
  3. I think most people rightly understand that Fort Bend Marshall is the strong favorite, but know that Port Neches-Groves CAN win if the ball falls their way and they play mistake-free. Stranger things have happened. And, it’s harder to beat a team twice than it is to beat a team once, and PNG only has to win once. Also, PnG got to learn from the loss to FBM. What did FBM learn from PNg? That they were way better than us? Good. Let them come into the game comfortable with that knowledge.
  4. I won't start doubting this team now. Scalp'em Indians....That's what we do to Buffalo. .
  5. If Adams was starting at QB I'd be picking PNG to win this game. (IYKYK) I got FBM by 2 TDs. But if PNG can get some turnovers they might can pull this off.
  6. Marshall shut down a Lake Creek team that was scoring 70-80 points on almost every opponent. They also smoked PNG earlier in the season by 3 TDs. This won't be any different imo.
  7. He was definitely not a fan of the US.
  8. Today
  9. Under Faircloth, we would lose this game no doubt. Heck we would have lost in round 2 this season. Our current coaching staff and the way these young men play under them, every week PNG has a chance to win. Playing FBM early in the season will help our team and coaches a lot. Good luck NDN’s!!
  10. But, Jeremiah Wright is a preacher of the gospel. He even preached to obama about hating America and being racist.
  11. Can't run outside on em. Going to have to be more physical and run between the tackles at speed. They have a chance. Control the ball.
  12. If it wasn't for a super weak bottom half of teams in the district, ktz may not make the playoffs this year.
  13. In the Catholic Mass today our Gospel reading was Matthew 24:37-44. It concerns the End Times. I’ve always been fascinated how those two words gets everyone’s attention. I read were approx 150,000 people die daily. For them, it is the End Times. Thus the reason we should be prepared to meet our Heavenly Father at all times, not just when we walk out of services where the Priest or Preacher has mentioned “End Times”. So let’s all prepare ourselves for our own End Times, be it the Second Coming or our own inevitable death. God Bless all of you!
  14. I saw that after I posted A&M had as well. I thought that was a big no-no there so thanks for the clarification. I remember in my visits there walking on grass anywhere was strictly verboten and I certainly was respectful of that tradition.
  15. If you take away the two costly turnovers that gave FBM 14 points in the ball game on punts this game is a different story. We were way more physical than FBM and they were having players getting taken off the field all night due to the fact. 6-7 times as a matter of fact. Not to mention we also had our QB banged up and take of the field for a few series in this one. If PNG can limit the QB and RBs big plays defensively and play solid coverage down field we can win this game. Gonna need the defense to play inspired football and we need the offense to play a full 2 half's without the 3rd quarter lull we seem to have. If PNG can play all 4 qrts they can beat anyone left in this thing.
  16. Caught up with Coach Smith postgame and he definitely mentioned the OL improvement
  17. PNG has been the underdog before and come through with the win. I feel the Indians have a really good chance in coming out on top in this game. A lot of heart and passion will be represented on the field this Friday night. Go Get Em, INDIANS!!!!
  18. Not a fan of it either. Tradition at Kyle Field was to never allow the crowd to go on to field but that has waned in the last several seasons. I honestly didn't like that we rushed the field last night after going 5-7 for the year.
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