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  2. 5a Girls Soccer Port Neches Groves 3 Houston Fulshear 0 4a Girls Lumberton 9 Bellville 0 Hardin Jefferson 5 Navasota 0
  3. Livingston eliminates Navasota 8-7 on Pk’s
  4. Today
  5. Huffman and Scarborough tied 0-0, with Huffman winning the shootout on the 8th pk to advance
  6. nobody likes dishcler as a favorite? I get it’s miller but i can see dishcler sliding in for it also
  7. LC-M 9 Furr 0 Sealy 3 Hamshire-Fannett 0
  8. Royal 0 Lumberton 1 East Chambers 2 Furr 1
  9. Chester 23 Leggett 1 West Hardin 14 High Island 1 Hardin 2 Buna 9 Humble 9 West Brook 10 Tarkington 5 Coldspring-Oakhurst 1
  10. That is an interesting take on it. The question then becomes, does violence have to occur before any disturbing the peace or (as Rupert suggested), inciting a riot? Again, not saying that you are right or wrong but these types of questions come up in cases and in fact in front of the Supreme Court. If you ever listen to the arguments, sometimes you were hear a justice ask something like…. well if that is true does that mean blah blah?
  11. Barbers Hill 6 Nederland 1 Zavalla 4 Chester 17 Deweyville 14 Sabine Pass 2 Liberty 15 Splendora 0 Coldspring-Oakhurst 12 Tarkington 7 Humble 13 Bmt United 1
  12. Doesn’t look like either group did anything that called for an arrest to me. No one had gotten violent, simply an elevated argument.
  13. Baytown Sterling pushed an undefeated Houston Wisdom really hard but Wisdom advances 1-0. Great season RSS Rangers!
  14. What if he is not arrested for inciting a riot but for disturbing the peace for the words he used and location? The Supreme Court has stated that no words can be banned. Situations can be. Both state and federal courts have ruled that flipping the bird at the police for example, is free speech. In a recent case from 2021 the US Supreme Court ruled that a student going on an F bomb rant on social media had her rights violated when she was kicked off the cheerleading squad. She was on the JV squad but missed the varsity squad so she did her snapchat tirade saying to xxxx school, softball, cheerleading, etc. She was kicked off of the JV squad for violating school rules. SCOTUS in Mahanoy v. BL in an 8-1 decision said that her free speech was violated because although she said her comments about “school”, “softball”, etc., she never demeaned her school, teachers and so on . It was just a non-specific screw everybody rant. [Hidden Content] So under inciting, what if it was a pro Trump supporter who was simply standing there in public saying that Trump is great? A crowd gathers and starts throwing rocks. Does the Trump supporter go to jail for inciting? If so, any free speech can be negated simply by causing violence against the free speaker. So, I am not saying that you are wrong but wanted to make those legal positions known. Any reconsidering or anyone else want to comment?
  15. Tough night for the Cards. Hopefully they will start playing well again like the beginning of the season. Right now I am thinking about 30-25 before conference tournament and about 12-12 conference if they continue to play like they have these past 8 games
  16. PNG : 13 Baytown Sterling : 0
  17. Lcm 10 silsbee 0 final in 5 !!! Ella Stephenson with the no hitter for the bears!!
  18. That's a good one. Not sure how to answer it other than maybe he is inciting a riot. You say the police get tired of his nonsense. Not sure if it's their decision to decide if his nonsense is breaking the law.
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