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  3. Anyone know of any spring or summer leagues coming up, that are still open?
  4. Don’t look now but it would seem that Coach Thomas has a cheerleader. The irony….
  5. Seems like us and BH return the most along with Nederland.
  6. First of all it’s a message board I could care less but I got time today . I really figured you were talking about the coaching staff , no parent ever buys in because their impossible to please and the community only supports you when you’re winning. So all of that doesn’t mean anything. And your lil cheerleader BmtSoulja or whatever he calls himself you have the nerve to talk about knowledgeable maybe you should hit some coaching clinics because obviously your eyes don’t work .
  7. All I know is Garret returns. And I think Satcher. And I believed their JV teams wasn’t really that good, except with the exception of this one kid, J. Smith.
  8. Speaking of which, since they are in our new district, do you know what does WB bring back from varsity and what were the underclassmen records?
  9. Great post. That’s why I talk sports with someone that is knowledgeable and doesn’t post with their feelings and emotions on their chest.
  10. That's what you took from my post or you meant to quote someone else? If you've learned anything from being on this board is to not put words into my mouth on here. I asked @BMTSoulja1 a question. Seems like you're flustered for some odd reason. Sit down, drink some damn water and calm yourself down.
  11. What’s interesting is your worried about who’s on the staff and if they’ll buy in . Quick example y’all said the same thing about Coach Lewis all he has done is be successful and it seems the kids and the staff bought in hmmmm . And his staff isn’t an all star staff is it ?
  12. Yes this is accurate. 2 Games Left In District Orangefield- Kountze, Anahuac Kountze- Orangefield, Hardin Anahuac- Warren, Orangefield Hardin- Buna, Kountze Buna- Hardin, Kirbyville Kirbyville- East Chambers, Buna Warren- Anahuac, East Chambers East Chamber- Kirbyville, Warren
  13. Y’all get on here and say anything . Could’ve just said congrats and we’re behind you 100% to ensure that the program is successful but here we are. I talked to a few meaning 2-3 parents and their unhappy type of foolery , two things can happen the kid can work hard and earn his stripes or the transfer button is always available .
  14. Hmmmmm......interesting......seems like he'll have to get more than the kids to "buy-in".......??
  15. Now that the coaching job is filled, I wonder who he’ll get as the assistant coaches. And I also inquire have the West Brook basketball community feel about this change. Based on a few WB parents I’ve talked to, there are some strong and/or mixed thoughts.
  16. Hmmmm thoughts #1 issue would be communication to the other rural areas
  17. None of the above. It’s a dang good coach, exceptionally good players and a little luck.
  18. Standings thru 4/17 BC 7-2 LCM 6-3 Vidor 6-3 Silsbee 6-4 Lumberton 6-5 WOS 1-8 Jasper 1-8
  19. Does it have to be one or the other? Can’t it be both?
  20. Oh ok yeah I wouldn’t pitch to her either lol I figured most coaches would instruct their pitcher to not throw to her
  21. Both their pitchers are top notch. Because, Kirbyville walked Smith all 4 times and took her bat out the game. She leads the area in HR's and RBI's. Took her bat out the game and scored 4 runs.
  22. Just curious, did Randy Rowe apply for this job?
  23. I wish him all the luck in the world, but Liberty missed a big opportunity with this hire. There was another candidate who could've really worked to take that program in the right direction. I guess the decision makers weren't interested in taking that route. Either way, Congrats Coach Harrision.
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