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  2. If we’re honest, a bunch of kooks in the modern day KKK pales in comparison to the card carrying members that were also democrat politicians. You are doing some serious fact twisting.
  3. I said that you were being intentionally dense. I'd say that's a far cry from calling someone a dumbass. But if you're that thin-skinned i can certainly give myself a warning. Of course I'd probably have to ban you for calling me a naive fool if we're really going that soft, right?
  4. you're hilarious, I'll give you that. you suck up every slanted news piece, no matter how dubious the source, as long as it goes along with your tinfoil hat theories and misinformation campaign. When others post similar things you jump in line for backslapping and blind agreeance. You calling me a naive fool is like Kevin Hart making fun of someone for being short, or Gabriel Iglesias calling someone fat. I can absolutely put a label on you, because you've made over 2K posts in the political forum showing exactly who you are. There are plenty of folks on here that I disagree with that show at least a modicum of common sense, and respect for other people, but I've come to expect the opposite from you. Why would I need a flux capacitor to go back in time, when about 95% percent of the modern day republican's platform aligns with the democratic platform of 1860. That's called common sense. I'm not surprised it's missed you.
  5. This is some hardcore denial. Did you mean to ask what party were all of the southern governors and politicians who had to be forced to end segregation? Literally every state that was still requiring segregation when it was finally abolished was in the conservative south. And bringing up the KKK and the democrats is kinda the same as bragging about the republicans ending slavery. when the democrats started the KKK their politics were conservative, and align with the right today. You wanna take a guess as to the political affiliation of every KKK chapter that still exists? You may not, if we're honest.
  6. Dude you just called me dense. Hypocrisy 101 Can you give yourself a warning?
  7. Your twisted opinion isn’t fact. I always bring up your dense discernment of the vaccine because it was so obvious that it was being pushed with no science behind it an you just ate it up like a box of chocolates. Your disingenuous portrayal of vaccine was comical. Your ability to discern between fiction and non fiction by not seeing the nonsense in the vaccine and the Covid numbers speaks volumes. As for you being able to put a flux capacitor in your car an go back in time to the 1860 ‘s an tell us the behavior & mindset of a conservative Republican and a Liberal Democrat is ridiculous. Liberals names may have changed over the years but their behavior hasn’t. I don’t need for you to put a label on me. I know who I am. You ARE a 2022 naive fool. Here are some facts that may enlighten you from Thomas Sowell. Below is his Book Audio version of “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”. If your not too dense maybe you’ll learn something by listening to his book. I made it easy for you by posting the Audio Version.
  8. I know you weren't the one that brought the flag up but if a flag is to be part of the argument, why no mention of the Antifa flag wavers that are actually destroying cities? Many folks wave it in defiance of others that have deemed it racist, just like they brand all the statues are racist. Personally, I wish folks would quit paying attention to the snowflakes, you have a right to be offended, it doesn't mean something has to be done about it.
  9. So what party were all the southern governors and politicians that blocked segregation? Many of them backed by the KKK, sorry, the Democratic party up into the 60s and 70s is the same party that pushed back against slavery pre-1860. They are still fans of slavery, it's just better disguised as welfare and public housing.
  10. Whew vidor looks small. Always well coached and scrappy though!
  11. Now this makes a little more sense. Thank you Mr Elam 🙏🏽
  12. Whatever that all time gap is between WO-S Nederland, it will widen by a game....
  13. I just ready to see some football and the game should be closer than that my friend
  14. They know. The funny thing is that they want credit for republicans abolishing slavery back when the parties were switched, and take complete offense at the thought that the party they would've actually been aligned with back then was the racist party that fought tooth and nail to keep slavery. Nope, they want to place that squarely on the democrats. It's kind of hilarious considering once the parties switched, the republicans were behind every racist policy enacted in this country for about 50 years. Don't get me wrong, some of the reverse racism crap the left is pulling these days is insane, and I strongly disagree with it. But the idea that republicans today who would've been hardcore democrats in the 1850s are virtue signaling about the greatness of the republican party due to their banishing slavery is completely misguided at best, and morally repugnant at worst. Blame the democrats for slavery, switch platforms, and then spend the next 6 decades trying to do everything you can to fight de-segregation and equality, but then have the nerve to brag about banning slavery. Realistically, considering that the republican party is now the party of wealth, big business, and minimal government intrusion, your average republican politician today would've been a slave-owning democrat if they'd been a wealthy politician in the 1850s.
  15. Today
  16. No real surprise here as Myles gets the preseason nod as the top signal-caller in the Space City area: [Hidden Content]
  17. About to start handing out more warnings in this thread. No personal attacks allowed. I'm in the middle of two fairly heated debates on this thread where I strongly disagree with someone who strongly disagrees with me. we've been able to find ways to be critical of each other's opinions (and even each other) without throwing insults or name calling. Keep it civil, regardless of how you feel about each other.
  18. One of those semantics sort of situations where the republican party doesn't endorse it, but only republicans fly it.
  19. How does their flag look? What color is ?
  20. They don't know that the Democrats and the GOP switched ideologies, starting with Roosevelt, and ending with Nixon. I learned this in 5th grade
  21. It's well documented all over the internet by every major news outlet out there, as well as news outlets in the Minneapolis area. There are a lot of fake news stories on this site from a lot of dubious sources, but sadly this story is really happening. It's mind-blowing.
  22. You keep going back to the same thing. If I went back to everything you've posted on here that I disagreed with or thought was wrong, I'd have to start a new forum. It's always pretty obvious when you have no rebuttal once you start going back to a completely unrelated issue I haven't even mentioned in over a year and a half as the reason that I'm wrong. That being said, you're being intentionally dense if you can't understand the clearly stated, and completely inarguable point that I'm making in this thread. There's nothing to debate on that point. And talk about me spinning things: Joe Biden would've been a democrat in the 1860's? That's hilarious. You ARE an 1860's democrat. All of your political beliefs line up with theirs. It's inarguable. Like I said in another response, for the most part, so am I. We can look back a century and a half later and say that, yes, slavery was a terrible thing. But that doesn't change the fact that the people with the same conservative beliefs and policies that Republicans have today were the ones who benefitted from slavery and fought to keep it from being abolished.
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