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  1. [Hidden Content] No worries, it was just an isolated incident - yeah right. If one of those “isolated bullets” kills you you’re still dead. Just a matter of time before the insanity came to our area. 😢😢😢😢😢
  2. That is pretty pathetic. Around here folks would be calling for the Coach’s head. Oh and switch from the spread to the Slot T. Aledo seems to have a defeatist attitude. 😂😂😂👽👽👽😂😂😂 All tongue-in-cheek. Good luck going forward.
  3. It is sad, and heartless. Folks that do stuff like that just aren’t wired right.
  4. Lucky us. Appears someone dumped off two dogs they didn’t want anymore. Bet they were beautiful at one time. Both of them looking a little malnourished now and one has a sore in/on his eye. Why pick here? Oh, it’s out in the country so that’s a good place, right? Wrong. There’s no animal control in the county. Had you dumped them in the city, where they have animal control they’d end up in a shelter with the possibility of adoption. Be fed and a safe place to sleep until adopted or euthanasia (which has to be better than starvation). How anyone could just dump off animals like that is beyond me. What happened in your life to make you so cold hearted? It’s upset our family. We’re unable to keep them, but if we’d had them from the start we’d kept them. Have a stray cat now we ended up with. Took her to vet for shots & to be spayed. Can’t afford anymore. Do me a favor stranger. Next time you want to dump off some dogs, take them to an animal shelter. Don’t just dump them somewhere for someone else’s problem. Good grief.
  5. They definitely have a different definition of “integrity” than most of us do. Vote Democrat? Not if you put a gun to my head.
  6. It’s obvious the FBI is nothing more than an armed puppet of the Democratic Party. Analogous to what Putin has in Russia or Xi Jinping in China. Sound scary? If it doesn’t you must be a Democrat.
  7. Smart & Dims? Sounds like an oxymoron to me BS Wildcats. 😂😂😂👽👽😂😂😂
  8. [Hidden Content] Hunter’s business partner, Tony Bibulinski, calls out the FBI on aiding Joe Biden winning the 2020 election. What’s unbelievable (that word again) is they still aren’t investigating it. This is serious 3rd world law enforcement. You expect this in Cuba or Venezuela, but here? In the US? If the FBI is no longer an unbiased organization, we’ve essentially become a Police State. They’re now an armed enforcement team of the Democratic Party. I’ll remind them, and all Americans that the pledge taken by the FBI & the Military is to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign & domestic.
  9. Doesn’t know what or why. Just taught to whine whine whine. Rip that crutch away and she’s speechless. Duh! Well young lady, if you don’t know I durn sure don’t have a friggin clue.
  10. She was dealt so crappy cards but played what she had to the upmost. RIP Loretta ✝️✝️✝️
  11. Real drop off at HH. Just a one-off?
  13. Gotta love that dog! 😂😂👽😂😂
  14. Just saw on CBS News NK has fired 39 missiles this year. Remember when Trump was President that he stopped them from firing them? Yep, but bad tweets. You ever think a lot of folks have their priorities all snafu’ed up.
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