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  1. This was the only result that was ever going to happen Insane that the states tried to do this.
  2. I hope it's not her. She's as close to a Trump clone as it gets, and almost as unlikeable. She isn't swinging ANY votes.
  3. Ok, a cheerleader, someone who will go along with everything he says, who would never dare say anything bad about him, never question what he does, no matter how outlandish, inappropriate, or illegal. Look at how he's gone out of his way to try and torpedo countless politicians who spoke out against him. He's often petulant, like a little kid who got told "no." Trying to ruin political careers several levels below him simply out of spite is insane, but he's done it repeatedly. I'll be shocked if his choice is someone who he thinks will get him extra votes instead of someone who'll stoke his ego. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  4. I'll still say the best option he could go with for a purely vote-getting standpoint is Nikki Haley. The amount of angry responses I get from Trump supporters any time I bring that up is the exact reason she'd be the perfect running mate. He won't do it, though. He wants a puppet.
  5. Talked to his mom last night. Hoping he can play, but it’s gonna be tough. At least it’s his non-shooting hand, but both hands are a big part of his game
  6. This team might have 4-peated if they’d stayed in 5A. Still pretty amazing what they’ve done after moving up a classification
  7. Hell yeah. I really need to stay off these threads knowing I’m a couple minutes behind. Time to flip over to Oak Cliff FAAUth and Family I guess
  8. Yes it was. Dude was under the basket and still moving on top of it
  9. United up 46-41, but Dotson just taken down the tunnel with a hand injury. If they advance I don’t see them winning at state if he can’t go next week
  10. Heck of a season, but ran into a buzz saw. A buzz saw that will unfortunately have most of its teeth coming back next season.
  11. That sequence was huge. After kinda getting the bad end on some bounces for most of the quarter Washington missed two easy steals and it led directly to that dunk to go up 2 possessions
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