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  1. It will greatly benefit pressing teams IMO. get in foul trouble in the 3rd? No worries, just back off and slow it down for a couple of minutes and step it back up at the start of the fourth.
  2. not much success over his last Reagan*. *A Reagan is a new unit of time measurement I've invented. I don't think I need to tell you how long a Reagan is.
  3. Next thing you know they'll eliminate running.
  4. High school basketball eliminates 1-and-1 free throws, sets new team foul limit | Fox News
  5. No doubt WOS had a tough year last year. Look who they lost to: Newton- 12-2, 4 rounds deep (lost by 3) PNG- 13-3, 5A State finalists Silsbee- 13-1, 4 rounds deep (absolutely were good enough to make it to the state finals and lose to carthage) HF- 9-4, 3 rounds deep Jasper- 7-4 (close losses to Newton, Franklin, and Silsbee) Bellville- 11-1 Legitimate argument that this was the toughest schedule in the state. WOS was a handful of plays away from being 8-3 and state ranked going to the second round of the playoffs. Obviously it was a disappointing season, no doubt about it. But it's not going to take a whole lot to turn it around this year. That said, if it gets worse, it's time for a change at the end of the season.
  6. They aren't missing the playoffs as long as they continue playing in a 7-team 4A district (especially with HJ, BC, and liberty in it). So they'll win a DC before they miss the playoffs.
  7. RIP, Hagar. Definitely gonna miss his posts.
  8. i never thought it was "all benign." but most of it is. that said, lol at tagging me on a GP link.
  9. Yup. They have about 2 guys I kinda trust
  10. rangers still chugging along. Blew an ugly one last night, but bounced back nicely today. 10-4 over their last 14
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