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  1. My daughter lives in Round Rock. At about 8:40 last night, tennis ball sized hail decimated their vehicles, home windows, roof, etc. Crazy.
  2. That's true, but it's hard to improve on size and strength and agility on the O Line. Some of that stuff you're just born with.
  3. Agreed. But they have a long way to go playing like-sized opponents. Still a major issue in my book.
  4. I agree with the caveat that Lumberton lacks depth. If they stay healthy, they should run the table in district. They have definite secondary and offensive line issues too though. Luckily for them, there are no major standouts teams to this point.
  5. Izzy a Coach just needs to feel relevant. Yaw quit pickin on the boy. We proud of you Izzy a Coach. We believe you.
  6. I wanna put things in perspective. WOS was tied up 6-6 with a state title contender at the 1/2. Props to the Mustangs. I’m gonna give credit where credit is due. The Tigers are really good. They’ve got more than just Miller. There’s a whole group of young men that are next level players. Even though I was pulling for Silsbee to win, I would’ve been happy either way. Good job Tigers. Y’all beat a good team. WARNING: Silsbee is their own worst enemy. They have more of a chance of beating themselves, than someone else beating them. Tighten up the penalties and find some discipline.
  7. I wanna circle back and wish Tatum good luck in their season. My comments weren’t meant to be directed at their team…more to the commenter saying they were gonna punch our team in the mouth. Playing above their schedule will only make Tatum better. Hope y’all have a good season!
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