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  1. Pretty shallow to think ego is the motivation for all HC or AD interests.
  2. Sad day for the Mustang program to lose the fan base as soon as they hit slump.
  3. Trump is no saint but less credible is anything that comes out of New York. I don’t care to dig for the facts but since it’s a civil suit I assume there was not much criminal. They are throwing everything at him including the kitchen sink hoping something sticks or sways the voters. They are that scared of him. I’m not a huge Trump fan but I am much more opposed to the liberal base.
  4. Hundreds of homes are being constructed as we speak. Somebody knows something.
  5. If I recall, the community just voiced their opinion during the last election.
  6. If they lose to Silsbee that will be three losses in a row. Finishing second in district will be a down season. I’m not giving up on Hickman or the Mustangs yet. They should know they’ve dig themselves a hole. How they handle it will tell a lot.
  7. Dallas has been given a job saving excuse for sucking this season.
  8. Turf won’t be ready but they’ll be ready.
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