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  1. Wasn't this the same group that said the next ice age was coming in the 70s? Pretty sure it was. Also, I think at one time, 80% of the scientists thought the earth was flat...how did that one pan out?
  2. Maybe when someone says I can't breathe you take your knee off their neck. I can just about guarantee that there are untold numbers of cops that would have produced a different outcome if they had come up on the scene. He was a bad cop with a bad history that came on the scene and was gonna show the younger cops how it's done. Apparently, a jury of his peers looked at the evidence and agreed. Floyd would have likely died at a later date due to his lifestyle but I don't believe it would have been that day except for the action of Chauvin. I'm a huge supporter of the cops but they need to police their own and get rid of trash like this. He should have never still been in uniform.
  3. I agree and it was in jest, it was pointing out that Big girl said there were only trace amounts in his system, as if that was ok.
  4. Would a 90 year old woman died if treated that way? Probably yes. He (Chauvin) should be responsible for his actions. This was a conviction of a pathetic cop that finally went too far.
  5. Agree, I said the same thing when it happened. Floyd was an addict and had problems but Chauvin had a history of bad behavior and there’s no doubt in my mind Floyd would not have died THAT day if he hadn’t had a knee on his neck for a prolonged period of time. It’s just a shame that everything has to be about race and as you pointed out and I have in the past as well, the race hustlers only appear in situations like this and don’t care about the real issues that are responsible for many more deaths among young black men.
  6. Maybe not, but our President sure is.
  7. You're confusing the right with Biden.
  8. One thing’s for sure, you would lose your place in society in a Muslim country.
  9. I’ve made a couple of previous posts on this, like Black September, Hamas is on the losing side of a list drawn up by the IDF, or more likely, a special group created just for them, that plan on scratching every name off that list, no matter how long it takes.
  10. Mr. Floyd did strike me as someone that would be very responsible with his fentanyl use.
  11. Probably not, Santos is simply a crooked creep, the others would cheer at the demise of Israel and the US.
  12. About time, let’s move on to Omar, Bush, Jackson Lee and Tlaib. Sadly, democrats choose to circle the wagons around bad behavior rather than address it.
  13. Idiotic thinking is that the earth does not warm and cool naturally and that we can stop it. Idiotic thinking is also thinking that China, Russia and India will not stand back and laugh while we wreck our economy (while they carry on) with too soon green changes. But hey, it's liberals, what other kind of thinking are they capable of?
  14. It is the only answer, when you’re dealing with animals whose sole reason for existing is to kill you, you are left with no choice.
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