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  1. First off, I don’t like to quarrel. I enjoy a lively argument where each side considers the other’s instead of simply hurling insults like a 10 year old or “whatabouts” like a 5 year old. That’s why I quit this place but for my Parting Shot post. Much closer to fighting here than debating. Second off, I live 5 miles north of Silsbee. I have no surveillance equipment on my property. I’m about the only person on my road without a security light. My front yard is not even fenced, much less walled. What a baddog you are!
  2. This is the only post I read anymore, because I’m keeping it up top as long as I can. It’s so juvenile to take cover for an insult by saying you were just joking when called out.
  3. This is one reason I quit this place but for my Parting Shot. To use the Bible to assign a person’s political leaning borders on blasphemy as far as I am concerned. To suggest that King Solomon was using “right” and “left” as a political statement is downright ignorant, if not stupid.
  4. “He who loves to quarrel loves sin. He who trusts in high walls invites disaster.” Proverbs 17:19
  5. Trump says (I can’t tell whether the idiot was talking hypothetically or about an actual conversation) that he told (would tell) a NATO leader that if the country he led was delinquent on their “dues”, he wouldn’t help defend them. In fact, he’d encourage their enemy (Russia-Putin) to do whatever they wanted. Said it Saturday in South Carolina. You MAGA heads are pulling for a white supremacist wannabe dictator. I ain’t lettin’ go of this bone.
  6. Nope. I ain’t commenting on anything else. I’m just not going to let that Nazi pig Trump slide, wherever the opportunity exists.
  7. Posting to bring the topic back up top. Can’t let the little baby wannabe off easy.
  8. For all you “free thinking revolutionaries” out there, I’m done with your fascist rhetoric and fawning after a chicken hearted wannabe dictator. This is my last post. Choke on it.(though I reckon few, if any of you have the guts to watch all of it).
  9. If you view support for the rule of law as an attempt at embarrassment you need to move to Russia or Hungary. It’s not flawless, but it has worked better than any other system of justice since its invention. Your cute little post is actually un-American. You seem to want someone else to tell you how to think awfully bad. No wonder an autocratic wannabe like Trump enamors you so.
  10. Your doubt doesn’t mean squat. A jury of his peers was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that he murdered George Floyd. They heard ALL of the evidence, not just what gets cherry picked and fed to you in your little bubble.
  11. Yeah, there’s no difference between a Wendy’s and the country’s seat of government. A bunch of parrots in here. Either that, or Trump’s one heck of a ventriloquist.
  12. Speaker Mike Johnson wants to blur the faces of January 6th insurrectionists so that they can’t be further identified and charged with any criminal acts. Soeaker Johnson is also an election denier. If Antifa, BLM and Capitol police conspired with the FBI to either stage or instigate the invasion of our Capitol, wouldn’t it make sense to not blur but magnify the faces so that the “truth” would be known? The real actors caught? Darned conspiracies!
  13. You know, for a guy so hung up on sources, every one of the “lies” was disputed by the “reporter” without citing a single source verifying it. Legit news sources don’t ask for donations on their websites (including FOX). Zero credibility.
  14. [Hidden Content] I think 100% of scientists thought the earth was flat 500 YEARS AGO. Since knowledge is now doubling approximately annually [Hidden Content] your comment about the flat earth scientists from half a millennium ago was hopefully made in jest.
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