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  1. So, the headline reads “EPA regulations to cost billions”. The first paragraph says it “could cost billions”. Those are contradictory statements. I read the EPA guidelines and they only talk about helping communities identify and inform if higher concentrations exist. It says nothing about treatment mandates. It talks about identifying source contamination, further research into the hazards, etc. Brad Parscale is a disruptor. American Greatness is a vehicle for spreading disinformation. Ingest all the PFAS you want. Run your water through lead pipes. Above all, spread distrust about our public health services. Good American.
  2. UT alum


    TDS has got nothing on ODS.
  3. I don’t believe any source I see cited on here. You all build your realities on false information and lies. Get it into court, then I’ll weigh in.
  4. I like my steak medium rare. The only thing that offends me is persistent ignorance.
  5. If it wasn’t for insults, you wouldn’t have no schtick at all…
  6. I always respected Shep Smith. He’ s a good hard newsperson. All the FOX headed viewers I ever talked to sneered when I told them I thought he was fair and balanced. They didn’t like him. I don’t need a lecture about the difference between a professional journalist and an ex-house painter.
  7. Election denialism for one. January 6 was a peaceful demonstration for two. All three talking heads saying one thing on air and admitting in private they knew it wasn’t true for three. Rupert Murdoch admitting under oath that they knew they were spreading false information for four.
  8. Here’s something from a group you all cherish, veterans, until they disagree with you. Can’t wait to see how you all denigrate them. This ad was produced and sent to the Pentagon.
  9. Yeah, pretty crazy. I think singularity is much more likely than immortality.
  10. Here: [Hidden Content] i’ve seen Forbes quoted here to support various positions. I guess they’re only true when they support your narrative.
  11. Do you realize how long 40,000 hours is? You could edit every bit of violence out and make it look like a walk in the park. That doesn’t mean that the violence didn’t happen. Tucker Carlson is a liar who cares about nothing but his personal wealth. He was crying to get the election reporters at FOX who were telling the truth fired so that the value of his FOX stock wouldn’t plummet. Since I can’t use the appropriate descriptive here, I’ll just say he’s a big kitty. And the gateway pundit is the king of not just fake news, but outright lies as well.
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