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  1. What’s a fact? what is true? those are difficult for some to comprehend.
  2. The reason the crickets is cause I don’t watch the news constantly nor do I constantly start topics. I don’t know if it’s fake or not….I have yet to even take time to look or read on the matter. if true (and all I know is what bobcat and hippy just posted). Then it’s completely wrong. How long ago was this? If a lot of time has passed then people make mistakes and if they learned from them and realize the wrong in their actions….great….that’s called growing wise. I don’t live in Georgia so I can’t vote on that race. either way warnock supports everything that goes against my morals. Depending on what comes out about this and the time frame in which this has happened (as in recently or years ago) if this was recently I just wouldn’t vote for either but I can see why people would still vote for him cause he s still better then any baby killing liberal. see there I can disagree with a conservative and I can tell a conservative they are wrong….how bout you can you do that with your liberal party.
  3. I need to speak to a moderator. I believe Reagan needs a One day suspension for sharing that garbage. 45 seconds of my hearing and seeing was stolen from me.
  4. My initial thought was “what the heck” Actually I’m still a lil perplexed…..but hey it s his decision. with the way things are now days…..he could transfer out if he doesn’t like it
  5. I ll take stupid tweets vs the state we are in now. tweets don’t hurt unless your overly sensitive.
  6. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ inflation reduction act!!!!! let’s pay for these undeserving college kids and the hell with military. how can any military member past,present,future be a liberal.
  7. Dems trust dems until it directly affects them and even still some have a hard time calling out their own.
  8. I wonder🤔 who is offended with 60+million? Of course I am, but ultimately me being offended has no bearing on your last destination. To put it very lightly Liberals are offensive to the Human Race. me coming blunt and direct usually does offend……I admit that.
  9. You just offended some of your people with that title
  10. Are they worse? Sometimes a great player can hold a team back……not necessarily saying this is the case but…
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