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  1. blm is the biggest racist organization going today. They are full of hate and love taking suckers money. I can’t believe how many people and organizations fell for their lies and hate!!! blm is the new police for the DEMONcrat party because the kkk is not accepted anymore. Same hate group just different race.
  2. That’s what you call CYA. Cover Your …
  3. My dad and I had this conversation this past weekend. I told him if Trump and DeSantis both run our only hope is DeSantis. I told him that America needs Trump but the DEMONcrats will not allow him to be President again. They will do anything to prevent another 4 years of President Trump. I believe our only hope is DeSantis and that’s how I will vote if he decides to run.
  4. DEMONcrats being DEMONcrats. And there are people who vote for these pukes because President Trump is mean.
  5. I’ll never understand these idiot liberals. Do they really believe this crap or his it just to see how far they can take it?
  6. Are you saying Coach Bennett is the head coach at Lumberton?
  7. That may be the most disgusting thing that I’ve seen. That child has no chance at becoming a good member of society and no one is to blame except the culture that he’s being raised in.
  8. Another example of why I call them DEMONcrats.
  9. Come on man, he was also photographed wearing women’s clothing. Does that make him a woman? As I said in an earlier post, this POS is the poster boy for liberals.
  10. All you have to do is take a look at the guy and you know he’s not a conservative. He’s the poster child for what a liberal looks like.
  11. Not sure what is worse, the fact that this idiot is president or the people who voted for him.
  12. Well, since the DEMONcrats and fauci know it’s coming in the next 6 months, what are they going to do to prevent it or how will they prepare the American citizens for it? Let me guess, a kung flu shot and booster number 18.
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