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  1. [Hidden Content] Article about the Panthers.
  2. [Hidden Content] If UofA messes this up.......smdh 🙄
  3. I have all of the 9-5A D1 schedules, but as usual it wont let me post em here. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I'll put Memorial's here though. August 30th - @ Spring Dekaney 7pm September 6th - Spring Legacy 7pm September 13th - @ Fort Bend Hightower (Hall Stadium) 7pm September 21st (Saturday) - Cleburne in Madisonville 1pm September 27th - Beaumont United (Homecoming) 7pm October 4th - @ Ball High 7pm October 11th - Barbers Hill 7pm October 18th - @ Beaumont West Brook 7pm October 25th - Lufkin (Senior Night) 7pm November 2nd (Saturday) - @ Baytown Sterling 7pm November 8th - Bye Week
  4. Powder Blue Sunday dub!!! 3-2 over Baltimore. On to the White Sox at home for a 4-game set.
  5. To piggyback off the last post in the above thread: Exactly. And as far as 1st round goes I too think 9 will sweep 10, I think 12 will go 3-1 versus 11 (1seed from 11 gets a dub). Pflugerville Weiss is my wildcard for the region.
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