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  1. In bold: if that's true I wonder how much camp performances factor into that........ 🤔
  2. I'm still trying to figure out which Aggie on here was the crazed streaker. 😂
  3. In national championship tournaments in my opinion nothing is an upset, every team is damn good.
  4. Gonna take a hell of an effort for a dub for anyone matched up with John Marshall outta Virginia.
  5. I keep seeing Mizzou in the mix. But money does talk.
  6. Coach Muss and company don't play around when it comes to the portal. I expect them to reload again this off-season. I'm wondering if Coach Cal gonna try to raid the portal for some 3pt shooters this off-season. Honestly both UK and Arkansas need a few of those not just one or two.
  7. Of course I'm picking Wilson (Port Arthur Memorial) for Offense. Wouldn't be surprised if Miller (Silsbee) won though. For defense: I lean towards Smith (Jasper) but wouldn't be surprised if Williams (Silsbee) won it.
  8. It's never happened before until this year.
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