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  1. How many Championship does Sutherland have? 4?
  2. How many did coach Gamble and Coach Fred Williams have?
  3. I remember in the mid to late 90s we use to have these at Lamar as far as the Slam Dunk and 3pt Shoot Out with some the area talent. I wonder if anyone will sponsor and bring this back. Lots of seniors would love to lace em up one last time.
  4. Yeah Kountze has had some great players like The Hancock Brothers, Iba McDaniel, Bray, Walker, and myself the best athlete in Kountze history Grayland Arnold.
  5. I'd love to see the Silsbee vs Kountze basketball rivalry come back. The past 7 or 8 years, Silsbee would have won by alot. The 2010 game at Lamar was a fun game. Kountze got us that night. Silsbee went to state but Kountze lost in the 2nd round to New Waverly that season.
  6. I think he gets one more state title before he retires.
  7. Not true!! They won in a small school bracket by recruiting over 16 different districts. FF isn't a 4A school.
  8. Coach Green was my PE coach in the 5th and 6th grade. Also he lived about 5 doors down from us in Silsbee on 3rd St. Coach Green has always and I mean always been a great person. Beaumont got lucky twice to have him coaching there. 1st at Central and now at United. As a Tiger fan, when Coach Sigler retired in the early 2000s, I was hoping Green would come and coach. We got a great one in Travis as well.. That would have been a large salary cut to move from then 5A to 4A.
  9. Agree!! FF should have played United or Lake Highlands Saturday night.
  10. I saw where coach Green just crossed the 700 win mark recently. How many wins does the following coaches have? Sigler Bouttet English Southerland Joubert
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