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  1. They very well could have been. They were 6-0.
  2. Highest I've seen Silsbee ranked in Football this late in the year.
  3. HF has a solid program now. I remember those days of them just getting blasted in all sports. The game last night was within reach. The QB for HF is solid. Has he been the starter all year?
  4. I guess WOS coaches are safe this week from the fans 😂😂😂
  5. Rest on the off week and let's get ready for the next game in 2 week Tigers.
  6. Miller didn't play the 2nd half. I believe he had 2 deep receptions for 2TDs. Might be right around 100 yards on those 2 catches. Silsbee running game looked good. Martin and #13 should get the bulk of the carries along with Brown.
  7. Miller has 2 long TD receptions and Cartwright got 1 to start off the game. Brisbane has been hot this game as well hitting Jackson, Max Brisbane, and a few others on passes. HJ is just well over matched.
  8. 27-0 Silsbee 1st qtr. Hardin Jefferson isn't very good mixed with Silsbee being Silsbee.
  9. Yes they have 😂😂😂😂😂😂. When is the last time HF beat Silsbee in football. HF is like 1-200 in basketball as well. Maybe they own Silsbee in soccer or tennis but its not even close in football.
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