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  1. Yes.they will spread u out and throw short.but, this game is all abt the running games.silsbee want just stop them !! Just need to control them limiting them possessions.and when Silsbee has the ball don't get cute!! Just take those 2 and 3 yds. With both of those backs.all it does is take some of the action off Miller and cartwright.so,they want get doubled as much.#1 Miller is the best player left in 4a.!! I didn't say best team.hes the best player.so, if he gets that many one on one against anyone.ill take him against anybody.he is that gud for a jr.
  2. No, they want.not with this staff.ill give them another year.
  3. Silsbee92 that was truly encouraging. But,I will assure u ppl might think they know how bad things are.they really don't!! And bcz I didn't go to the Bellville game.somethings took place that had my mouth drop yesterday.fr pray for this program and this coaching staff.and ik what took place the ppl that was there isn't on this website.bcz,they would've posted it. So, let's all just pull for Silsbee and the rest of the 409.
  4. Bro, I feel u fr fr. But, I hate to tell u get use to it.unless some changes are made.i was getting a hair cut yesterday and some of things I had to hear from a few kids !! Smh. I want post somethings on this site.but, someone said wait til next year. It might be worse.this thing is totally out of control.im glad football season is over.everyone needs a break.prayers are truly needed fr!!
  5. He was there.just excuses he wanted to use.and to make matters worse I had thr pleasure of talking to one of the kids that left with his dad.and, some of things that were brought up.unreal !! One thing I do know is with this current staff want ever play for a state championship. All we will have forward to is reading CT book when it comes out.no matter who they play that team has a shot if they just do the basic things.
  6. No!! The only way they meet in the state title game. Reg.2 plays reg.1.in semi finals. And 3 and 4 plays each other.the only 2 teams that can give Silsbee a game is cuero and Wimberley.
  7. He want do it.his pride want let him. But, he was quick to say that he played a bunch of sophomore.didnt everyone do the same thing?? Or the coaching staff started late.im sorry if that was the case why let ppl who don't kno these kids change everything.i truly believe that reality sink in and they will see that they don't kno what they're doing.
  8. And Reece is balling today for baylor.makesbu think how in the world did w.o.s slow both those backs down last year !!
  9. In my opinion Williams should win the Willie ray Smith award this yr.the kid has had an outstanding year. And Silsbee coaches has done a great job of when to use him and Miller on both sides of the ball.in my opinion the 4 best coached teams in our area are still playing.silsbee,PAM,HF,Lumberton,and also newton.gud luck to all of yall the rest of the way.
  10. No they didn't.there best defensive player got hurt. He's alot like #40 for Silsbee.both of them get after u.and Silsbee is a faster team that will give them problems.
  11. They will easily.dreylon Miller too much.its abt that time.there running game has been superb so Miller will get loose. Bellville was a lil flat lastnite and I think it cost them.they allowed Madisonville to stay in the game by not excuting.when they were limited on possessions.but,Madisonville coaches done an outstanding game plan.
  12. I agree with u. They made it harder on themselves.but,P.A stand up.them kids has the heart of a lion. And they're been coached really well.
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