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  1. Nope Chapel Hill just scored 35-23 with 2:18 left 4th Quarter
  2. Lake Creek's defense is bad...Fort Bend Marshall is a complete team and it's showing so far
  3. I feel your pain...seeing Nederland hit pretty much rock bottom this year was tough... how do I handle it? I handle it by supporting other teams in the area...when the state championship week comes take a day and go to AT&T stadium you'll see some really good action even if it's not your team...things will be ok we're here for you if you need to talk
  4. This Fort Bend Marshall team is way different than the ones we've seen the last several years bigger emphasis on defense. This is probably the best defense that Lake Creek has seen all year...that said Tyvonn Byars is a LOAD and with the rain he's going to get alot of carries for Lake Creek. This is going to be a good game I'd give the slight edge to Fort Bend Marshall they're the more complete team on both sides of the ball.
  5. Sounds like this wasn't his first rodeo...NY question is did Katy ISD do their due diligence before hiring him
  6. Indians just have to keep their foot on the gas in the 2nd half
  7. I wouldn't say all time low we've seen worse *cough Bobby August cough*
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