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  1. Dayton by double digits...Dayton offense has been pretty much unstoppable all year and the Bulldog defense is actually worse than last year when Dayton put 45 on the board recipe for disaster
  2. Not only that he would have been running gassers until he puked
  3. That last drive exposed how bad the secondary is any team that has a decent passing game will beat Nederland
  4. Depends if Willowridge throws the ball
  5. Makes me wonder how bad the mid-county schools are now
  6. I've got FBM in this but it could be worse...you could be a fan of the team across the tracks who is about to be 0-4
  7. Our talent is Thomas, Tezeno and Sunday that's it...it's actually one of the issues we have this year outside of those 3 players nobody else has stepped up we have major issues as Defense Back and Special Teams to boot it didn't help that Ellis Walker didn't play tonight either
  8. Bad special teams True but all of Silsbee's receivers are doing the job tonight
  9. Miller is exposing how bad the Nederland DBs are this year
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