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  1. Absolutely. One of the best staffs in the area. I would guess both assistants will be head coaches in the next few years.
  2. I don’t see the zone pressure doing much to these guards. And if it’s a half court game, it won’t be close
  3. Yes, will be much deeper next year, but Wrinkle will be a huge loss
  4. They don’t have a Harris, and although they hit 5 or 6 threes tonight on us I don’t think they’re a great shooting team. I’d say Silsbee by 20ish
  5. Agree with all of this. Never would have thought I’d see OF at this level of play consistently. Future is extremely bright for them. congrats to Hitchcock. Extremely well coached to go along with the talent.
  6. Our one big guy that could possibly contest shots and get rebounds has been in foul trouble the entire game (that would have maybe made this a 25 point game rather than 30 lol)
  7. OF - 9 Hitchcock - 40 4ish left in the 3rd OF not playing as hard this half
  8. OF - 4 Hitchcock - 26 2 left in the 2nd hitchcock heating up from the 3 now
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