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  1. I know exactly who you are talking about. And I didn’t see enough of the district to say one way or another but I don’t doubt you based upon what I saw. I commented to someone else on this site that I really liked the way she defended.
  2. To the casual fan, it’s all about offense. They don’t seem to notice anything about the other end of the floor. That is at all levels (NBA finals this year was a prime example). Your point is spot on with me. I was extremely impressed with the Buna girls defensively. They defended better than 90 percent of high school girls teams I’ve seen. And a huge part of that was the effort they gave. All of that tends to be directly related to coaching in my experience.
  3. I will admit my sample size is small. But they played a team that, in my opinion, was 20-30 points better than them to 6 points at home and 11 on the road. Buna had one girl who would have started for Orangefield and I’m not sure any others would have gotten much playing time. And size-wise, it was a complete mismatch. The equalizer was the coaching (and that wasn’t just my opinion).
  4. I knew they went deep with that one team. I had forgotten they lost to Jasper in the game before state, like BC did a few years before. They also apparently played an epic three gamer against WOS earlier in the playoffs. Didn’t remember that either.
  5. I thought the team with Jase Statum (A&M) and Jacob Felts (UT) went 5 rounds or so deep?
  6. Yeah that team making the playoffs was a feat. They weren’t very talented but at least they were small 😉
  7. I was assuming that was the case. Thank you 🙏
  8. Keep it classy Ags. I would say act like you’ve been there but…
  9. Seemed like a natural move for Erickson to me too. Just seeing a lot of insinuations toward what you say. As I said, I know nothing of anything going on behind the scenes; just a lot of chatter about it. And completely agree on the new hire. His wife and her sister are excellent in their own rights so was happy to see him back in OF with the head job.
  10. I honestly thought they had quit before that last run in Game 3. Saw 83 percent of betting public was on Dallas before the series started. That blew my mind. Goes to show you that most casual basketball fans only pay attention to offense and scoring. Got so sick of hearing the Mavs have the best 2 players in the series (although Luka being the best is probably a given). But when your two “stars” are easily the worst two defenders of the 10 starters in the game, you’ve got problem. Defense winning championships is still a thing.
  11. Agreed. And with a disclaimer that I don’t know ANY inside info on this one, I can tell you that my OF peeps are BIG mad over this one. Doesn’t seem shocking to me at all, seems like a no brainer from a coaching standpoint. But it seems some think there is more involved here internally in Bobcat country.
  12. Season ends tonight hopefully. I will say that before during this series, I got a glimpse of how obnoxious Cowboys fans must be (hard to gauge when you are one). At least with the Cowboys there have been rings won though.
  13. The 30 for 30 they did on him “The Luckiest Guy in the World” is one of my favorite sports docs. And this tells you what you need to know about the man.
  14. We were taking about him the week before this happened. When you ask who the best WR of all time is, almost everyone will say Jerry Rice. Larry Allen is the only correct answer at Guard.
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