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  1. Weisbrod was the mvp of the State his senior year. He was an undersized 4 at the next level so that dictated his offers. A 6-4 SG is more marketable at the collegiate level than a 6-5 (at best) PF. However, if it’s the best HS player, it’s gotta be Weisbrod. And I love me some Hef. As for the other guys, way before my time so can’t speak to them. Colton is also on the very short list of best players in SETX in the last decade.
  2. Where’s aggy!??? 😂🤣 I do note that both THE brand of Texas and the Big 12 conference upgrade are still playing…
  3. One of the craziest series of events I’ve seen in a sport in my lifetime.
  4. I would say both. If have to pick, where they graduated. But Throop is easily the best I’ve seen at LCM. He’s top 10 at HJ.
  5. Pretty high. He was one of my wife’s students when she taught at Kelly, so I kept following him at Princeton. Obviously that list begins and ends with J’Covan but is Persia #2? I can’t think of anyone I would put in front of him. Little Langston has a shot.
  6. Going to be tougher in a couple of years. Have 2 of the 3 best programs in the sport’s history in the same conference. Those LSU-Texas series should be crazy fun.
  7. Best off-season thread on here in a while. Well done.
  8. They have the most coming back with arguably the best player in the district (I give my buddy from Bellville a hard time but he would be my preseason MVP pick as I’m sure he would be on most people’s cards). I would guess they would be the consensus pick to win the district. Which, of course, means TABC will probably have them 3rd or 4th. But we will see when they play the games. EC and OF won’t be rolling over.
  9. Brandi McCain might be the correct answer to the question. Whatever the female version of “stud” is, that was her.
  10. Two great ones. You could make a case for Caesar on the gridiron too. Little dude was a monster.
  11. He went off at the state tournament. 6-4 or 6-5 wing. Plays WR or TE in football. Athletic as can be.
  12. The sophomore that high jumped 6-4 (Sherwood) plays too huh? They have tons of athletes.
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