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  1. Kentucky blows it at the end Ole Miss wins 22-19
  2. Hopefully none of y’all have Dish Network. They cut espn in the middle on the night with no warning. There are some good games today.
  3. Oklahoma getting rolled early
  4. No one gives a damn about the brand as long as they look good. I will say that I’ve been to a few Jr high games this year, and all the jerseys have been awful. Throw those kids a few bucks and get some decent looking jerseys.
  5. The “New” Nederland stadium opened tonight and the band parents are pissed on their FB post. I guess they don’t like being in the end zone. Just wait until they see all the “new” schools being built are just adding on to the old schools.
  6. PNG’s got Dayton scheduled for homecoming in 2 weeks. 😳
  7. Homecoming parade wore Nederland out. Dayton felt the disrespect and don’t want to be anyones homecoming game.
  8. Some LCM people please tell me what I was told was wrong…. Did the refs really do a do-over?
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