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  1. Texas at A&M. 6pm tonight streaming on SEC+
  2. So the Final Four will be: C-USA #1 Mountain West #1 Big East #4 ACC #1
  3. A Mid Major is guaranteed to play for a title. I believe it’s been since Butler in 2011 that it’s happened.
  4. I don’t see how Texas doesn’t keep Terry.
  5. Half courter to end the half. Texas up big
  6. 6-1 PNG after 5 Freshman Kooper Benoit dealing for Png
  7. #3 Arkansas at #1 LSU moved up today due to weather Tied 1-1 headed to extras. Arky with a 3 run bomb then a grand slam. 9-1 Pigs in the 10th
  8. Wild pitch scores 1. K ends it Nederland wins 9-7
  9. It’s crazy the amount of Freshman and Sophomores playing in this game.
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