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  1. I will hold of judgement as much of the administration is new. Urgent concern though and it's time for upgrades, proper maintenance, and genuine commitment.
  2. Nichols v. UNO was won by Nicholls. Nicholls now waits to see who they meet on Saturday with a loss available to them but not their opponent. Quite possibly the best SLC game I personally witnessed this year. Errorless game with a few nice defensive plays and quality pitching. Hopefully, Lamar can be involved in a quality game with that much on the line in the near future. Will they? We shall see. Side note, while McNeese's facility is decent, the best part was taking a leak and not wondering if I'm standing in water or other people's urine. Spidersal, you wonder if Lamar cares about baseball...hiring a good plumbing outfit for a few days might be a good start. While we are all complaining here...Lamar has some of the best facilities in the SLC, well until you step in the biggest seating capacity for a baseball stadium in the conference yet also the most worn baseball stadium one could imagine. The trailer park coaches offices, 1 previously mentioned restroom and the big one behind 1st base might be worse, chain link fence improperly installed in the "lawn chair" sections (this seems nit picky until you take a good look at it), and much more that could be cleaned up, replaced, or put together properly would be nice. Some on here are wanting Davis removed and whether he should be or not I will leave that for you all. The facility is becoming an eye sore more and more each season and that alone would cause problems for anyone with recruiting.
  3. Nichols is hitting in top 9 with 2 run lead. Great game here today.
  4. Nichols vs. UNO in 1 hour. Winner in driver's seat for Saturday.
  5. Don't believe Lamar will remove Davis with 2 years remaining (I think this is accurate) on his contract. However, next year could be it. If Snedeker moves on elsewhere and pitchere with eligibility follow or go other places....next year could be a nightmare and the end of the Davis Era. For those that believe pitching was an issue, Snedeker is mentioned in quite a few articles as a candidate for the Mississippi State pitching coach. If you think we can do better in Beaumont America, we have a difference of opinion.
  6. Fat lady has sung. "See" you folks next year.
  7. 3 outs left. Quite possibly one of the more disappointing seasons in recent years. Hope the portal or JUCO ranks help out. Very little position players return and it may be time even if time for some wasn't up.
  8. 16 innings of play in the tournament. Birds have scored 1 run. Harry Doyle quote come to mind?
  9. Ugly offense continues. 9 outs to go and chasing 4.
  10. Leaving runners on quite a bit. Hit into 2 double plays. Runner thrown out at the plate "by my a mile." Not looking good at all.
  11. Win or go home time. First pitch in approximately 5 minutes. Great weather here today. Hopefully the Cards sent someone home last night to find a bat or 2 after yesterday. We shall see.
  12. Weather delay still ongoing. Leaving it with them. Will track score and return tomorrow win or lose.
  13. So far, no good. UNO pitcher looking good and Lamar has only 1 hit. Haven't put much in play hard against him. Down 4-1..
  14. Hoping Lamar can win the tournament, but not sure which of 2 reasons is the strongest...1) Lamar grad and fan rooting for the alma mater or 2) seeing how the Spider will complain if they do so! SpiderSal, if you need to curse me for that one, I'll take it.
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