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  1. Birds win the rubber match 7-3. Nice to have baseball back.
  2. Game 2 of the 3 game set in a few. BTW, outfield wall has been upgraded. All padded with black and the upper teir now has uniform signage with white writing on a black background. Will try to move around the stadium and see if there are any other improvements.
  3. Cards pull off a 4-2 win. Well pitched game by both squads.
  4. Finally a home game. LU welcomes the UTA Mavericks. First pitch, now.
  5. I'm a clown now too? My friends and family would take your side on that one I'll be posting to all 5 people that follow Lamar baseball on this site as the season progresses. The only 2 people I even remotely know associated with the program are from taking classes years ago as Lamar student with Hatten and working a few camps when I was a high school coach. The other is from having taught one of the players when he attended another university. Never have met the Golden Boy for what it's worth.
  6. Michael Berry has spent a substantial amount of time on his radio show going after Phelan. It's been quite the show. Covey for me.
  7. Michael Berry has utilized quite a bit of time going after Phelan on his radio show. If any of you listen to him, you know he's gone hard on supporting voting him out of office. Covey vote here.
  8. It's been entertaining, if nothing else.
  9. I know your shot was at him. You even practically stated that in a previous post. My apologies for not humoring on your time line. I'll clown around more as the season progresses, good or bad.
  10. Would the coach still be able to run or even be associated with the recruiting service if he is hired by a college program? If not, he better land a pretty good college job to equal or exceed a present salary that is more than double his pay at North Shore. I assume we are looking at over 150,00 grand. UH and RICE or the only 2 Houston based that will get that.
  11. 5-3 win over UTSA. FOOLED around and sit at 5-2 through the first 2 weeks of play. Head to A&M for a Tuesday night game and have the home opener Friday against UT Arlington starting a 3 game set.
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