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  1. I assume by the way I read this, the backup QB sees time at a different position or positions but did not take the field at all against Jasper?
  2. Some may disagee, but in terms of overall footbal facilities within the SLC, Lamar has what could be considered the best. Stadium, weight room and meeting rooms would all be top 3 at worst for each. Facilities for an FCS level school are not an/the issue. Again others may disagree, but do a search and several athletic websites within the conference don't list the weight room or meeting rooms in the athletics facilites portion of the website. If they were really nice, a University would list with other facilities. Would the facilities being nicer help? Of course! But, they are actually quite nice. On your other issues, I have no real opinion.
  3. Today's loss was ugly. The Christians tried to gift a win.
  4. Whether accurate or inaccurate, a sports writer using the word I countless times in an article is beyond odd. This is an op-ed piece and nothing more. Great click bait though!
  5. Hopefully Mattress Mack and others will be able to deliver with their support for Alexandra Mealer for Harris County Judge!
  6. Her election and further possible changes in Europe will be interesting to see. Very.
  7. You have a 6'5" receiver that isn't sober? Being sober likely would help. That's an issue. I know it was a typo. Still a funny read.
  8. I'm helping your board. If you feel that need, go ahead, sir.
  9. You would be correct. I get frustrated with child like behavior. Grow up!
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