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  1. Dang, she’s dumber than BG. Screams white supremacy, then buys a vehicle created by “THE White Supremist of all time”. Can one be any dumber? It’s real close.
  2. Shows how far back our education system was flawed……grading on a steep curve.
  3. She just likes to flaunt that online degree.
  4. People with severe TDS are the real clown show.
  5. Meaningless and you never answer any questions. Probably because you are always stumped for an answer.
  6. Hilarious. Some people have a lot of time on their hands.
  7. Wow, another meaningless question posed by BG.
  8. It’s already taught, or at least it was. I learned about slavery in history. It didn’t teach hate. That’s probably the part you like about crt. If that’s what you want taught, haven’t you already brainwashed your kids? One can only imagine how accurate you were.
  9. Only watched the first half as I’m at work right now. Scary to say the least.
  10. Democrats are never aware of anything pertaining to their job, or it’s privy info. What a joke. I like the way he tells Mayorkas, “You will”
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