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  1. To me, this is what is wrong with this country’s thinking.
  2. Maybe I need a stolen diploma (the scarecrow) so I can spell edumacation.
  3. I don’t think Texas should be favored. I like the underdog role better.
  4. Texas in the Sugar Bowl…..7:45 p.m. Monday, January 1st!!!!
  5. Glad Texas was #3. Now Georgia and FSU can say Bama screwed them.
  6. Their motives are always ulterior. Do they think a different president is going to abandon Israel. Just another group of non thinkers trying to get their voice heard. Nice signs btw.
  7. Since everything is a trash conference compared to the sec, should that even be an argument? Lmao Since we are all fishing….matchups, common opponents, who beat who….yada, yada, yada….how about this: Had Texas gotten one more 1st down, they could have taken a knee, beat Oklahoma, and end up undefeated. Oh yeah, here comes that trash conference again. Won’t be an argument next year. I’ll be waiting on that excuse. BTW, why does a team’s injured QB have anything to do with discussions. My teams never get consideration when that happens (Colt McCoy ring a bell ?)
  8. You already made this pick last night and I believe it to be true. Helped me sleep…..lol
  9. Gee, you arguing against Texas getting in……will wonders never cease.
  10. Florida State has 1 yard total offense. Louisville has 11.
  11. Texas’ win against the sec champ should carry some weight…..or do they think like that?
  12. Duh, I knew that. Do you know anymore about him than that, or do you concentrate only on the “trace” amounts in a person you don’t know’s blood stream during an autopsy? There’s the DUH moment.
  13. I hope y’all are right. Come on Louisville!!!!
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