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  1. Don’t sugar coat it…… it’s murder. You would be the only lefty that doesn’t support abortion. Will wonders never cease?
  2. Then you should kiss his feet.
  3. Much to do about nothing. The left must make their attacks in close races in the southern states.
  4. Lefties condemning a man for paying for an abortion (hearsay evidence) but one would think one he would be applauded for having a baby killed. Will wonders never cease? The left are a confusing mob.
  5. Are you an idoit? Cnn was all about defaming Trump, but you enjoyed it because you hate Trump. Let cnn get on your sorry rear like they did Trump and you will sing a different tune. What did cnn say about Trump that was true? You will be like the blm girl with no response.
  6. I have a 15 year old Dachshund who needs putting down. I can’t do it. He has sat beside me in my chair forever. He would be sorely missed. I know he will die soon anyway, but to make that trip to the vet holding him in my lap is a difficult image to digest. Maybe I should dump him on the road and let the coyotes have him……NOT!!!!!
  7. Cnn is the small print at the bottom of a commercial when covering Biden. For Trump/Desantis, they become the commercial.
  8. Dogs dumped in the country become coyote food, so do cats……possibly wild hog food. They won’t survive anyway. Takes a sorry individual to dump an animal on a country road. I have stopped and fed/watered several dogs. Some will come right to you, others keep their distance. Can’t take them home as I already have four dogs of my own. Sad.
  9. That was painful to watch, even for the short time I watched it. I feel dumber now.
  10. Not sure about the “oxy” part, but “moron” hits it square on the head.
  11. Ill take a stab….the left is not about justice, they are all about control
  12. Hope this isn’t too off topic…. I used to watch cnn years ago when Robin Meade was on there. She was very professional and was some good eye candy. They lost me with their left slanted news. I actually tuned in msnbc years ago just to see what they were like. They are the only news channel that I actually saw a man blow the top of his head off with a shotgun. That image haunts me today. One has to be a loon to watch either of these stations today. Hope Trump wins big. It will change news reporting forever.
  13. Read LRF’s post. It says it all. I know it is more than one paragraph, but take your time and let it sink in. No Cliff notes on this one.
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