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  1. If either the freshman or soph rb turn out good/great this will be explosive year on offense for the titans.
  2. Right or left he’s a piece of sh** … That’s it
  3. I don’t think any of this matters in terms of unwanted babies. People who want abortions will surly still find away to terminate. Some magic pill will pop up some magic concoction will pop up.
  4. Honest question you think these rulings fire up the right more than the left in terms of votes.
  5. I think by 23 you’ll see the more ambitious desantis ,Cruz etc. begin to spit a little from trump. Then it’ll get interesting .if desantis beat trump in primaries. How will trump respond. How do you see it going hippy?
  6. He was drawing these crowds before 2020. Trump has a following. Trump will nominate the gop candidate he won’t be it.
  7. Donald screwed Donald. If he had taken defeat like a man. Donald Trump will be ready to win back White House in HUGE landslide.
  8. I don’t understand the bickering. Yes the left will use this, just as much as the right would have if this was a undocumented immigrant. We are not politicians we don’t get paid to push idiocy. So why do we do it? Like TVC said if someone really wants to pull this off they will gun or no gun armed teachers or not. forget political favoritism. These are kids we are talking about. And Our elected officials will shout out agenda driven talking points. We deserve better as a nation.
  9. Never once have PAMFAM said anything about whites and the use of the n word. I know whites who use the word freely around blacks in tough neighborhoods . With no repercussions. Like I said many groups uses slurs amongst themselves as a form of endearment you can’t understand that, that’s you. I can walk into a beauty salon and hear the b word tossed around non stop. I never thought well that’s Unfair to me or women are the true sexist.
  10. It’s that simple to you I have no issues with white people.
  11. Blacks, women, whites , Mexicans any group you can think of uses a word or a phrase that was once used for hate amongst themselves. N word, b word,R neck, etc.. It’s just what it is. … I’ll use the n word around a specific group. Will never use any other word for other races. And I’m just fine not being able to say those words.
  12. Just a honest question do this move the needle any more toward Abbott than before for republicans..
  13. I’ll let you figure out how stupid that sounds
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