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  1. only thing that's a lock with a dominating win is with the baytown teams and they start those off shaky. i see you are not like the homers. the common thing about the ranked teams is they are DOMINATING the teams they are playing and not coming down the wire to win. Last week if Crosby starters would have been playing(qb wr, and a coupe of others) then that's a good win. but to play and look like that against a team without key players have to have you wondering whats going on. it's still 3 teams on the schedule that can hand them L's. LP, KWP and BH.
  2. well with the exception one time we didn't get to pick a home and home, we actually been catching these spankings in our own yard. it's just an extra home game that we lose every year lol. and they could be that good, but imo...lets just say some, not all the adults involved are not up to par.
  3. LaPorte running attack too much for Titans in a close one...local fanboy says he's moving to west texas...
  4. A smaller receiver for Crosby was mossing PAM’s secondary. #3 is the best corner on the team that seems to have good technique. I know the DC will call a good game… it’s the offense that I hope won’t give the game away from a play calling aspect
  5. Ummm have u been keeping up???? That’s what I been saying, but the stick man is butt hurt about it as if he is the owner of PAM. My whole point of things is the fact PAM do this every year and get sat down rd 1. I rather u lose and stay home.
  6. I slept today and back at work for another 60 straight. I got time… do u??
  7. U read it… so if u gotta ask… then u bout as dumb as the stick man
  8. Mightymouth backs it up and I support who I want… maybe worry about the demise of that overrated program u support that’s a dumpster fire right now
  9. First off , I have been a long time member here from way back in the day when we would all meet and play football together. The real og members from that time knew I’m not afraid to say anything to u on the board or in person. I’m a fan that look at every aspect, but at the end of the day, I’m glad the young men on the field giving it every thing they got cause god knows whatever else they could be doing. now with that said, PAM is getting lucky and yes u need luck, but time is running out. Halfway through the season and still doing stuff that can cost u in the playoffs. To be honest it’s not so much the players, it seems they aren’t being coached up. You only can play who’s on the schedule, but saying png and sterling… STERLING is a measuring stick is about as dumb as an Sfa graduate that think he’s mister football. LP will challenge them for sure. Seems like Wilson is becoming unsure of himself with passes. Passes when he should run or run when he should pass( minus the qb draws that’s called a lot from the sidelines) PAM is clearly the best team in this area, maybe a notch under silsbee. Hopefully they can stay healthy, but this 1 rd and done is getting old
  10. And so, like that’s part of my life which I was already gone from Lincoln and you wasn’t part of the football team at SFA as in played and if u did nobody heard of ya lol
  11. When will Crosby get the starters back?? If not, this could be a good game to watch
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