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  1. I went to bed early. Turned it off in the 7th
  2. My complaint is and has always been we voters need to be more consistent on the criteria of deserving winners. Some vote purely on the current hype. I know some vote strictly for the novelty of it. But, it is what it is. I certainly rather have this way of voting (12-15 media members) than having a fan vote or one or two making the decision.
  3. Miller did the same for Silsbee at the WR spot. Also advanced to Regional final.
  4. William Morrison was a defensive lineman. So was Middleton and Light.
  5. Yes. He had 41 passing TD's and 30 rushing TD's in 2016 season. Had a total offense of 5000 yards that year. 3600 passing, 1400 rushing.
  6. Not sure who would be my favorite to win but all I want is for all the LIV players that are in the tourney to miss the cut. Had enough of that drama.
  7. 2 as a head coach (Kountze, HJ), 1 as an assistant (HJ)
  8. Offense Dischler 247 carries, 2441 yards 28 TD's Miller 59 receptions, 1425 yards 21 TD's, 39 carries, 391 yards, 4 TD's Powell 173-262, 3078 yards, 46 TD's, 87 carries 537 yards 4 TD's Wilson 172-251, 2665 yards, 26 TD's, 162 carries, 995 yards 13 TD's Defense DeRanieri 155 tackles (102 solo) 16 TFL, 5 sacks Foster 140 tackles (95 solo) 18 TFL, 3 sacks, 2 INT Smith 118 tackles (76 solo), 10 TFL, 2 sacks Williams 195 tackles (132 solo) 39 TFL, 10 sacks, 2 INT
  9. Going by the stats (which the majority of the voters do) Williams blew Smith out of the water. I would say that both Silsbee players are the favorites but I have seen over the years some strange voting. All are very worthy of the award. Foster won it last year. We will see on April 24
  10. Offense Cameron Dischler RB Orangefield Dre'lon Miller WR Silsbee Lucas Powell QB Lumberton Davion Wilson QB PA Memorial Defense Gavin DeRanieri LB Hamshire-Fannett Leighton Foster LB Newton Ty’Anthony Smith LB Jasper Jayron Williams LB Silsbee
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