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  1. In reference to your posts in this thread (and in other threads), your whole door needs another coat. I get it. You're a "glass half empty" guy and just has the need to rain on parades. Worlds full of them. Point is, it's an appreciation thread. Nothing to really hash out here.
  2. Just received word it was closed for a few days but has opened back up yesterday. I'm going to check it out Friday.
  3. Looking for a place to eat near Longhorn Stadium. Don't want to stop in Winnie on my way up but will if I have to. Plenty of places there for me to have my pregame meal. Heard Burton's BBQ is good but was told they were temporarily closed. Anyone know this for fact? Also was told Longhorn Cafe is open in the evening time on Friday's. What's the status there? Thanks for any feedback.
  4. You just have to understand that there are people who always look for the missed spot on a freshly painted door. No one is stating anyone should revere a coach, but nothing wrong with giving them a day of praise. National Coaches Day is not just for high school football coaches.
  5. 1. Barbers Hill at Baytown Lee 2. Fort Bend Marshall at Texas City 3. Galena Park at Dayton 4. New Caney Porter at Crosby 5. Port Arthur Memorial at La Porte 6. Nederland at Santa Fe 7. Hardin-Jefferson at Liberty 8. Jasper at Bridge City 9. Little Cypress-Mauriceville at Vidor 10. Livingston at Huffman 11. West Orange-Stark at Hamshire-Fannett 12. Anahuac at Kirbyville 13. Buna at East Chambers 14. Kountze at Trinity 15. Newton at Hemphill 16. Tarkington at Orangefield 17. Woodville at Coldspring-Oakhurst 18. Deweyville at Evadale 19. Garrison at Shelbyville 20. Groveton at Leon 21. Hull-Daisetta at Sabine Pass 22. San Augustine at West Sabine 23. Burkeville at Brazos Valley 24. Leverett's Chapel at Apple Springs 25. The Woodlands Christian at Beaumont Kelly
  6. In previous games he would come in on some certain situations (passing downs i.e. 3rd and long). He would come in and Zeno would move to receiver. He has attempted around 27 passes this season for 300 yards. Most of that in mop up duty. He did not play against Jasper. Zeno took every snap at QB.
  7. Zeno is not out. He played every snap against Jasper last week. Now the back up QB did not play.
  8. Looks as though those Auburn people were right and some of the folks here that are supposed to be "in the know" were completely wrong. Congrats to the young man.
  9. HF doesn't do any broadcasting. Just rely on their opponents to cover the game. I figured KOGT may do this one or Orangefield game. They haven't done Orangefield in a while so that may be the one they end up doing. If no game is listed to be broadcast on their website by today, they may have decided not to do a game this week. KOGT did skip a week a couple of weeks ago.
  10. There are several games that we cover that's not on the list. The pickems have always been just 25 games. Some games get left off. It's just the way it has always been. I appreciate @WOSdrummer99 for taking over the pickems. I think he is doing a great job.
  11. Well if we are talking historically, the 1977 team got as high as #2.
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