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  1. The game was not stopped. Silsbee had the ball and knelt out the remaining time (knelt twice). After the 2nd kneel down the game clock (24 seconds left) was less than what the play clock (40 seconds) so Silsbee just went to the sidelines to get ready for handshake line because they did not need to run another kneel down play. On the last kneel down a WO-S player bulled his way through the line and some players took offense to that. Some pushing and shoving started. From what I saw, the WO-S coaches decided to not have their players go through the handshake line in fear that the chippiness would escalate. I completely understood that call at that time. I cannot speak on the WO-S alumni jumping any fences. Didn't see any of that on the broadcast. As for the officials, from watching the broadcast, there were lot's of flags thrown in this game but also there were some extracurricular going on after some plays. Got out of hand a few times. Neither team should be happy about how some acted in this game. I saw the interview with Coach Smith afterwards and he was very unhappy with how some of his players lost their cool on several occasions during the game. Said he would definitely be addressing that the following week in practice.
  2. 9 years ago. 2014 season. Went to 3rd round and lost to La Grange and JK Dobbins. Made playoffs in 2016 and 2017, lost in 1st round. Have not made playoffs since 2017.
  3. [Hidden Content] Thursday, Sept. 28 West Brook at Atascocita [Hidden Content]video/650a0566dd5c78000180ca1f Friday, Sept. 29 Humble at Summer Creek [Hidden Content]video/650a18baaeb452000172cc7c Kingwood at Beaumont United [Hidden Content]video/6511d15297705a00015d137f Barbers Hill at Goose Creek Memorial [Hidden Content]video/6511d14fa5b6cb000146a12d Kingwood Park at La Porte [Hidden Content]video/6511d14c0a120500017b1702 PA Memorial at Crosby [Hidden Content]video/6511d14bea9b300001066296 Hardin-Jefferson at Silsbee [Hidden Content]video/6511d1450a120500017b16fe
  4. [Hidden Content] Coverage area teams in this week's rankings: 6A #2 North Shore #7 Atascocita #10 Summer Creek #21 CE King 5A DI #4 PA Memorial 5A DII #6 Port Neches-Groves #8 FB Marshall 4A DII #2 Silsbee #7 Hamshire-Fannett 3A DII #6 Newton 2A DI #1 Timpson #9 Garrison 2A DII #7 Lovelady
  5. I'm telling you, that's how every college stadium is set up. Students are always on the opposite side of press box side. Other colleges don't have a problem with their student attendance. Which side the students sit on is not the issue at Lamar.
  6. I was there. Slot T worked very very well. Scored on first play and 4 of the first 5 possessions. Buna had no answer. Orangefield won the line of scrimmage on both sides. Emphatically.
  7. Pretty obvious with you and a couple of others that Crosby lives rent free. Just sayin
  8. You are completely wrong. Todd Sutherland never, ever was an assigner for the local chapter nor has he had any kind of position of that nature with the local chapter. Also, Sutherland no longer officiates. This info comes straight from the source and other officials in the chapter. Also, coaches from both teams has to agree to the officiating crew for that game. This is done before the season is started. Crews are not assigned. Coaches select the crews and are agreed upon. Been this way for many years. You are very much mistaken on Todd Sutherland and the officiating process.
  9. Not necessarily considered the "visitor" side. That has always been the student side. Look at all your college venues. Most, if not all, has their students and band opposite of what would be considered the "home" side. Kyle Field has their student section and band opposite of the side where the press box and season ticket holders. Just about every college stadium I have been to is set up this way.
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