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  1. I'm sure at least once in the 80's. Y'all had some teams back then.
  2. Big game in 4AD2 this Friday. #2 Gilmer v #3 Pleasant Grove.
  3. In 1983 after we beat #1 Lincoln we where ranked #3.
  4. Silsbee 6-0. 2-0 Jasper. 4-2. 2-0 H-F. 4-2. 1-1 WO-S. 3-3. 1-1 BC. 1-4. 0-1 H-J. 0-5. 0-1 Liberty. 0-6. 0-2
  5. No. The community wanted a coach(s) and did not get him. Just like WOS. The before hand knowledge was different. Just that the board was going a different way hiring an outsider. Still, you have to get use to changing the whole system and that is the same.
  6. Again, was not the coach of the community choice. Yes, different communities with the same situation.
  7. You mean The Tigermustangs!!! This so like when Silsbee hired Coach Smith. People wanted a coach and the school board hired another coach, an outsider. How dare they. People griped and complained all season, sat up in the stands and yelled and hollered at the new coaches. Coach Smith brought in almost all new coach, a new offense and a new defense, you had to have more discipline to run. Only a couple of returning starters coming back. After we lost in the playoffs to Carthage on a last second hail mary pass people sat up in the stands yelling for coach to go back to Houston and take his coaches with him. But, the next year we won district, went three rounds in the playoffs, losing to Carthage again. The complainers were less quiet. Then, the third year BAM, a state simi final game and the next year another state simi final game. I don't hear any complainers now. Change is difficult at first, hard to get ahold of. But, most of the time change brings on the same ways as before, Expecially if the whole community is behind it. If the sky is falling, be one of the ones that holds up the clouds so people don't get lost in the daze. I'm one of the ones that think WOS will be just fine. They have the athletes and talent to overcome change, does the whole football program have the community to help with the change.
  8. HJ having an extra week to prepare for the Tigers
  9. If you look back on page, we’ll I don’t know but somewhere on here are some stats you just have to read through and find it.
  10. The Tigers have given WOS more yards in penalties than they have gotten themselves
  11. Only number we need to care about is one more point than WOS.
  12. Silsbee better be prepared for Friday night. No matter what WOS record is, no matter what our record is. Everyone is 0-0 at this point, this is what you play pre district for. It’s a new season, the district season and you don’t want to start district 0-1. Like Coach T use to say “we going to line em up and play ball” or Coach Woodard said “don’t worry about one can of whip a$$, pop a top on a whole case of whip a$$”. There’s a party at the end of the week and it’s Friday night. TigerNation!!!
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