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  1. Keep in mind that a result of one of those "pee-wee" games is where the concern is generated. It's easy folks. Gather your thoughts.... Keep them based in facts.... Control your emotions.... Do not target anyone.
  2. I agree he is legit as well. The true test comes in the playoffs when he'll meet some solid secondaries. He'll win most 1v1 if Brisbane can put it close. Good news is Brisbane's timing looks exceptional with the other receivers. Keep improving on the run blocking and it'll be lights out by playoffs.
  3. Silsbee 296 Total Yards (241P/55R) 5 Penalties (50 Yards) HJ 57 Total Yards (50P/7R) 7 Penalties (55 Yards)
  4. Lol. No Stang fan I know would let a Tiger get away with the same statement! I have faith in WOS. They are in our district and nothing would please me more than 9-4A II send teams home for the playoffs as a whole. When we meet again....game on. Mad respect Stangs. I'd expect the same from you in the end. #TigerNation
  5. So many things to say about this post... However, as stated, been said before. Must not have been raining on the other team. Anyway, WOS wins this. They are better than their record represents. Have faith Stang fans.
  6. I agree however I believe the game atmosphere itself had a lot to do with the penalties. Unfortunately. Without sounding arrogant, hopefully, I would expect to see several subs in this game. It's rare that Silsbee can build depth experience at all positions and I'm glad to see these opportunities being taken advantage of by the program.
  7. WOS beat a team filled with Sophmores, especially on defense. They were young last year and it showed in the 4th qtr losses. They are not the same players WOS beat last year. Now you are witnessing the growth and they are juniors. Look out.
  8. Great point. Brisbane and J. Williams on defense set the tone of the game. Lots of talent on Tiger sidelines right now.
  9. One thing is for sure... Silsbee has never dodged Carthage. I can go all day on how Carthage has ended Silsbee seasons. We will play anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. #TigerNation
  10. Agreed. Only reason I engaged is because of your thread comments. I agree on opinions.
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