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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. Well if kids are looking at playing at the next level skin will need to thicken up.. It only gets worse at college
  2. I would'nt say reloaded. They are a good team and very well coached. They come ready to play every game. Silsbee tends to beat themselves. Bats go cold, or bad defense pitching pretty much always keeps them in the game. The team has not got on the same page yet hitting. one player gets hot another cools off
  3. True lol … and yes it will be Simmons on the mound.. not really the pitching for Silsbee it’s the bats staying hot
  4. Silsbee 6 Gatesville 2 Silsbee 9 Clifton 0 Youngblood 1hitter
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