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  1. Been to more games than you can imagine. In the stands and on the sidelines… and no I didn’t not make the game but watched every snap on texanlive. Also, ran into a Coach last night that was scouting both teams…and I quote…”I wish our program was ran the way Mathews runs Vidor. He gets more out of those kids than any coach in the state! And I’ve been around coaching for 30+ years” do I have blinders on…possibly, but I stand by what I said. If you or any other so called fan, supporter, resident think they can do a better job…fill out the application! If not sit down and stfu! 😉
  2. It’s a fan problem. Every oh so called fan, supporter would make a better coach, have a better offensive and defensive philosophy, and could more out of the kids.
  3. Don’t eat crow or whatever people call it. I also don’t judge a team after 1 game, but you are more than welcome. Also, if your a Vidor supporter, I’d think you have a little better attitude towards the team and coaches but….you are the armchair, yelling at the coaches from the stands, think you can do a better job supporter….nothing but air and opportunity between you and a coaching job.
  4. If I could I would be there…but I’m out of town drinking cold adult beverages soaking up some RnR
  5. 2 choices…go hate on someone else or go hold your breath under water, but I feel I need to educate you since you seem to be uneducated about sports and getting your game legs. During practices players get stuck in one speed. Varsity knows their going up against jv and it’s easy to get stuck in one speed cause your somewhat beating up on them and their not allowed to “hit” you hard….staying with me?? Now when it’s comes to scrimmaging someone in a different color Jersey…you don’t quite have your game legs under you. You’re not use to someone wanting to take your head off, tackling full speed, etc. So yes it takes a scrimmage or 2 or maybe a real game or 2 to get your game legs unders you.
  6. You are correct. Vidor JV 16 Silsbee 0. Game did not finish.
  7. Key word…”last year” I don’t judge this years team off of last years results. Vidor plays their game and controls the ball, that will limit the number of offensive snaps for Silsbee. Meaning less plays on the defensive side of the ball for Vidor. As far as “sucking egg” it’s to be expected. Scrimmages are the first time players are put in a live game situation. Takes time to get your regular season legs under.
  8. Perfectly fine if it comes to conditioning. Vidor is well condition and capable of having multiple players going both ways for 4 qtrs.
  9. I think its funny that people feel entitled enough to ask for a game to be moved from a natural surface to turf. I understand a game being moved is a field is not playable...as in still being constructed but moving a game cause of the potential for sloppy conditions... C'mon man!
  10. Turnover free football and this will come down to conditioning. Hands on the hips could mean a win for the Pirates.
  11. That was last week or am I missing something... 🤷‍♂️
  12. Game and season over at 1:30 in the first qtr. Hope the Pirates can bounce back next season.
  13. The experts say Vidor's season is already over.
  14. I don't base upcoming seasons off past seasons. Every year is a new year, but you are more than welcome to base your expert analysis of a team by a scrimmage or 2. In the end you have a 50/50 shot of looking like an a$$...or not 😉
  15. In the words of 45..."You're Fired" 😂
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