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  1. Thanks for the info. I tried to google the release date but got no results.
  2. It takes more than a good coach to win a state championship.
  3. UIL gets a cut from the playoff gates. The more games the more gates.
  4. Very good staff. Nederland will rebound.Go Bulldogs. love those bulldogs. Just love love love those bulldogs. Great kids, great staff.
  5. Good coaching staff at Nederland. They will be a much better team this year. It’s ashamed the coaches and kids have to endure the haters on this site. Tells you a lot about a person.
  6. I am simply saying he is trying to get his best offer which there is nothing wrong with that. I was not calling you out. You took that all wrong, sorry if I offended you. That is not my intent to personally offend anyone. Trolling to me means looking around and there is nothing wrong with that.
  7. Seems to me like he is trolling.
  8. I think this district (Jasper, WO-S, Silsbee, HD) will be one of the strongest 4A2 districts in the state next year. They will make a lot of noise come playoffs. Silsbee is king of the mountain until someone knocks them off and that might just happen, WO-S, Jasper, and HD will all be capable.
  9. I hear he is no longer going to Nederland, looking at John Tyler and another school.
  10. Somewhere in the past all head coaches had to be a first time head coach.lets take Cornell For example.
  11. Todd Dodge’s real-estate just went up.
  12. Newton lost everything to graduation. Our starting running back will be a freshman next year. Nothing to see here.
  13. We played Anahuac opening game last year and he was not a 140 lb. QB. Program listed him at 6’1” Fr. 187 lbs.
  14. I was at the game too. I am talking about how he completed a lot of his passes and kept our offense off the field. Newton had to work to win this game. I was talking to neece before the game and he was telling me he had a QB that was going to be D1 QB. if you come to a Newton game next season, look me up. I will be on the Newton sideline. This will be the 34th and last year I will be doing security for Newton. However I staid that the last two years.
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