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  1. We pray before every game and after every game at Newton. This (our players are better than your players)was started by longballs. He does this every yer then just disappears. r
  2. R. Williams was senior QB last year. He was selected as the all district offensive player. He was outstanding. Luke was a good young QB but he was not better than Williams. Luke has the potential to someday be better than Williams ,but that remains to be seen.
  3. Anahuac will lose their second game.
  4. Signing day. That is when it becomes reality. Barrier’s dad exposed his son through workshops. I am a firm believer in these workshops.
  5. In some sports like football. Coaches are allowed to an early offer but remember verbal offers aren’t final until you sign the paper work later. That’s just a way for coaches to show interest, and things can change later.
  6. They (Anahuac) will be good but remember they finished 5th in there district last year.
  7. Not your bad, they play a non district game the second game of the 2024 season at Woodville.
  8. Gosh, even Bridge City has a state champion. What about Jasper?
  9. I was doing security back then for Burkeville. You came from a great family.
  10. Newton County population about 14,000 people has 7 state championships.
  11. Now let’s see there is lake creek, Huntsville, PNG, then the battle for 4th. No, no, Nederland finished 4th last year and that demanded a new coach. Wonder if this new coach knows what he is getting in to. Remember it has nothing to do with the players, it is all about the coach. Nederland is getting most of their starters back and should be better. Nederland scrimmaging Nederland does not mean much. I do wish the new coach and the players the best. I do hope that in the future this site will start enforcing the rule about bashing people on this site. It only takes a few to ruin this site. Do not think that you(or this site) is exempted from civil suit.
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