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  1. 3A 2 cutoff was 250 last year. Newton turned in 260. As of now Newton is 255. Will probably stay 3A2 but is close to going down.
  2. We had a good JV team last year and the sophomores went to the varsity. We have a large freshman class that makes up our varsity. This is not the norm.
  3. It’s JV but they are 9 th grade. We only have JV and varsity..
  4. Calprep has it Diboll 38 Westwood 24 they also have Westwood 31 woodville 28 but that rating could change before they play.
  5. Interesting - calprep.com is up and running. projection- Jasper 21 Hamshire F. 20 PNG 15 Tex. City 14 Newton 60 Anderson S. 27 Anahuac 28 Orangefield 24
  6. The reason for newton giving up so many points was because our young players were not lining up right. Having played only one game hurt us. This will be corrected and Newton’s defense will only get better. This team will only get better as the this year goes on.
  7. Woodville is a good team, they just can’t get over that hump to be a great team.
  8. You can’t stand it mr. Nederland hater. You see only negative , nothing good. On and on you go. What I see is Nederland tied for first place in district.
  9. Just joking with you. I graduated from PNG and I do security for newton (34 years).
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