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  1. Seem like this will give schools like Carthage and the big city schools like Dallas that have a lot of indoor practice facilities a big advantage.
  2. Good to hear someone say something good about a coach for a change. Wishing the best for you coach LaReau.
  3. Game to watch opening week. South oak cliff vs North shore. week 2. Anahuac at Woodville.
  4. Thanks Matthew. Actually I could go along with the subscription process but I definitely will not put my credit card on the internet.
  5. You knew the magazine would not be in the stores yet because you held them back in order to get more people to subscribe. Old honest Abe.
  6. Just going by what your site said. When the magazine was to be available and you show the stores on a map who are to have the magazines. Well, then this should not be a problem. My problem is I do not want to subscribe because I do not want but the one magazine and will not be forced to pay 50 dollars for magazines that I do not read or want. must be a financial problem in order to survive. If so, I wish you the best and hope you succeed . Thanks for all the past times that I have enjoyed the magazine.
  7. Has anyone seen the magazine in the stores yet. They said on the shelves by the fourth of july. If like last year probably 2 more weeks.
  8. He will help Anahuac but remember Anahuac finished 5th in their district last year. They will make the playoffs . They must prove themselves and I think they will. He did not make Rusk world beaters. Anahuac still has a way to go.
  9. Or after the magazine comes out it does it for you.
  10. I go to pigskinprep.com. That gives you all the all district players for all the teams in texas. It tells you the grade they are in. The all district person who is a senior will obviously be a starter that will not be back. You can figure the starters that you lose. Not perfect but it gets you close.
  11. My opinion is based on that ….
  12. You put a lot of faith in your D1QB. He went to a camp put on by a D1 college and got put on a β€œto watch β€œ list. Does not mean he has a scholarship offer. Just means he is good at his age. Woodville lost 22 seniors in which about half were starters. Yes they will reload. I think Woodville will not be quiet as good as they were last year because they lost their starting QB who was district MVP. No way this sophomore is as good as the QB that graduated.
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