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  1. Splendora is pretty rough this year… Lumberton shouldn’t have any issues here
  2. Yeah that LB was there last year… I think his dad is a coach. But yeah Cypress and Katy.. That Katy area has grew out so much that technically what you would think is Katy is actually Brookshire
  3. So in your opinion is Lumberton a top 10 team in 4A D1?
  4. I could just be over thinking this matchup lol
  5. If you would’ve told me at the start of the season that we would be hosting Royal in the second week of district and both teams would be undefeated I would’ve laughed… but here we are lol Royal’s coach in his second year has definitely improved that football team. Yes they have had some move ins but still he has done a great job putting it all together. I still think Bellville goes out there and handles business but Royal definitely has my attention after beating Sealy last week. I believe they also have a LB committed to play at Northwestern and he is the anchor on defense. I imagine most of y’all don’t have much knowledge of either team but I’d love a outsiders viewpoint if there is one. Here are both teams results so far Bellville At La Grange W 24-14. Stafford W 55-0 At Navasota W 35-0 3A D1 #10 Cameron Yoe W 49-14 La Marque W 63-6 At Columbia W 35-21 Brookshire Royal Houston Worthing W 43-0 At Houston Furr W 30-12 At Iowa Colony W 35-28 Fort Bend Willowridge W 34-28 Sealy W 13-10
  6. Thanks I really was genuinely curious lol
  7. Maybe just their overall talent is down. It doesn’t show because other than the game they lost they haven’t played much competition.
  8. Of those teams no one really… I mean Liberty did play Woodville close. Probably the only gains from those teams is playing Liberty and HJ just because they are bigger schools. Now they did play a good Hamshire Fannett team but lost.
  9. And I’m not saying that Buna doesn’t have a chance to win or anything. This isn’t your typical EC team. They are down from normal
  10. Curious what you mean as back on track… They beat a bad Kountze team, lost to Orangefield who may end up winning district, and beat a not good Kirbyville team. I feel like the games Buna has lost this year they were supposed to lose , with the exception of the Bridge City game. It’s not like they were blown out in any game either. I guess I just wanna know what the expectations were coming into the year and what back on track means.
  11. Royal looks like they have had good back to back recruiting classes lol
  12. Here are the results from the first two weeks of district play followed by the standings going into week 3 of district play. Week 1 La Marque 6 Bellville 63 Sweeny 14 Wharton 28 Columbia 18 Sealy 48 Week 2 Wharton 9 La Marque 27 Bellville 35 Columbia 21 Sealy 10 Brookshire Royal 13 Standings Bellville 2-0 Brookshire Royal 1-0 Sealy 1-1 Wharton 1-1 La Marque 1-1 Sweeny 0-1 Columbia 0-2
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