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  1. riordan is a great coach, nothing but the best of luck for that man and chapel hill!! best of luck the rest of the way!!
  2. maybe so, but me and the nephew were rooting for CH all along but i didn't think CH would flip the script like this.🤣
  3. the only weak team vidor played in pre district was probably trinity christian.
  4. GO PIRATES!!🏴‍☠️ one of the very few playoffs games im gonna have to miss, but ill definitely be tuning in tonight!! good luck to the Battlin' Bears as well this evening.
  5. and CH was the 4 seed last year.weird.
  6. atleast they don't have Jordan Jenkins this time.🥴
  7. no score prediction, but i see mathews pulling starters early in the third quarter.
  8. i wanna believe it's a cadence thing more than anything to help set the blocking schemes and etc.
  9. i knew this game was gonna be close, throw out everything except that it's a deep rooted heated rivalry. congrats ndns!!
  10. been working nights lately, and i listened to the whole game with my headphones. big win for the league villains - after starting 0-3 who woulda thunk they'd be sitting a game over .500 and sitting pretty in 2nd place in district going into the final district game, honestly not me. this team is peaking at the right time i think. gotta keep the black pearl sailing against splendora next week!! GO PIRATES!! 🏴‍☠️
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