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  1. Warren 34 Buna 56 Frassati 43 Kelly 48 Evadale 78 Hull-Daisetta 29 Spurger 56 Burkeville 25
  2. 19-4A Silsbee 11-0 LCM 9-2 Jasper 7-4 Lumberton 6-5 WOS 4-7 Vidor 1-11 Bridge City 1-10
  3. BC 44 Vidor 30 LCM 55 Lumberton 32 Deweyville 31 Sabine Pass 28
  4. Lee 4 Crosby 43 Legacy 41 Covenant 36 Barbers Hill 82 Port Neches-Groves 23 Jasper 68 Silsbee 85
  5. It was reported that Biden's first reaction was anger and ordered it shot down. But military leaders advised against the action.
  6. Great interview. Very impressed by the new coach. Experience should be a prerequisite for some programs
  7. His authority has grown since the November board meeting. He is now authorized to make hires without board approval. Maybe this is standard practice. I'm just getting my toes wet on the political/administration aspect. Still time to decide for a run or not.
  8. Correct. Our kids have played their butts off. Just to make some of these games close. The same athleticism that almost won on the field in the fall. Sounds like a lil direction would go a long way and in game coaching would make the difference. And to hear it from outsiders with no dog in the fight confirms my suspensions. Just like when aggies said the game was lost on the sideline last fall. One common denominator for all this is... I've already said too much.
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