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  1. I like the new ranking page. Shows more info now. I'm still wondering why the 1st 2 weeks of pickems got erased. That one's for real money too.
  2. I wouldn't say that team was minimum talent. Just inexperienced. Back to this week. It's homecoming. Nuff said? Well, maybe not. Liberty comes in winless thinking WOS is down and they could get away with a win. They're not gonna lay down. They're coming to get it. Every team we face is gonna play us harder than ever before.
  3. I agree 112%. Some criticism is needed at times. To be clear, the link was posted by a staff member. We make mistakes too. I take full responsibility for not following rules, allowing, and instigating others to do the same. My apologies to all.
  4. I've been wondering how they improved to B too. Test scores, graduation rates, reading and math proficiency, all seem close to the same. Although I haven't done a side by side comparison. Did the state of Texas lower expectations after the pandemic? I keep hearing that kids are so far behind because of remote learning. Maybe someone in education can explain it. I don't know how it could be different under H. Less than 2 months into the new school year. Have we had our first set of grades yet? Did we lose student athletes that couldn't maintain grades? I do know that our school board approved 2 new job descriptions at the next meeting after hiring H. Athletic Academic Coordinator and Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  5. I tell you, WOS alumni are out there everywhere making a difference in kids lives. He came back to give a speech to the team a couple weeks ago.
  6. He even applied at Jasper this past spring. Anything to get back to Dan R Hooks stadium. Even if it's on the wrong side of the field.
  7. He also had a day like a combine. Where many college coaches/scouts would come evaluate talent at Central. But not just Central. Kids from all over the area got a chance too. That always stood out to me. That he cared enough for another schools player to get a chance. Even if it meant one of his player didn't get a scholarship. That says a lot about him.
  8. It wasn't his idea. That is exactly the type of coaches we had. To utilize the players natural abilities and Excell in the process. I heard the one about the coaches making big money off him and others. Big money? Idk bout that. But did anyone hear that not too long after we graduated in 99, college recruiting blew up at WOS. That's when you started seeing Franks, Haynes, Deon, Earl, and more getting major college offers. Surprise surprise... that also when Toby came to Coach and was leading the track team to state championships.
  9. Week 6 Locks Friday Sept 30 @ 7pm 1. Humble Atascocita at Beaumont West Brook 2. Sheldon C.E. King at Galena Park North Shore 3. Baytown Goose Creek Memorial at Barbers Hill 4. Crosby at Port Arthur Memorial 5. Dayton at Nederland 6. Fort Bend Marshall at Santa Fe 7. Texas City at Port Neches-Groves 8. Hamshire-Fannett at Jasper 9. Liberty at West Orange-Stark 10. Spring Legacy at Little Cypress-Mauriceville 11. Silsbee at Hardin-Jefferson 12. Anderson-Shiro at Newton 13. Coldspring-Oakhurst at Crockett 14. Diboll at Palestine Westwood 15. Hardin at Tarkington 16. Hemphill at Kountze 17. Kirbyville at Buna 18. Orangefield at Anahuac 19. Shepherd at Woodville 20. Warren at New Waverly 21. Joaquin at Garrison 22. Timpson at San Augustine 23. West Sabine at Grapeland 24. Apple Springs at Chester 25. Oakwood at Leverett's Chapel
  10. We got a taste of it last year in Nederland. The rain wasn't the only thing that fell that night. Waiting under the bleachers for the rain to stop, the true die hard fans were in disbelief of the 1st half. Now the first half of this season going the same way. When we discussed the lack of leadership that night. We didn't know who was officially in charge. The system was set in place so well by the foundation that we should never have to rebuild. Only regroup and wait for the younger kids to gain game time experience.
  11. That's how it is here. Mainly because of the success from former HOF coaches. Generations of kids have grown up learning the system and giving 112% to it. Now their kids and grandkids have to go thru this. There are so many alumni that would have loved this golden, oops, it's a SILVER & BLUE opportunity. But never had a chance. The backroom deals that everyone, even people here that know H, seemed to know about even before a list of applicants was public was a joke. Remember this article... [Hidden Content] I feel bad for Hickman. He could've avoided this. We believed that was his intention.
  12. I cannot condone this, but I understand his pov. Yep. It's like that. What he says he means. No lie, he has done everything that he said. And will continue to push this issue. I know all the people he spoke on. And all of them I've spoke with agree. I had a 5 minute speech prepared too. Should've been right there behind Eric and Doobie. But life happened that day and I couldn't get my voice heard for those I represent. Most of us all jumped on the bandwagon and supported everyone in hopes that the man would continue the historic tradition that is WOS Football. Now that is in question. Record in 2018 was also 2-3 after the 1st 5 games. But we saw progress, halftime adjustments, changes for the better. For those that want to wait til after district, or after the playoffs, or after basketball season, or after graduation, or after another 6 years here. To decide if it's gonna work. Hey I'll be here then too. Like KT said have a good Saturday, at least what's left of it.
  13. Highest score this week was 21 @bp141103, @AggiesAreWe, @Longhorn63, @navydawg31 Also if anyone claims @59n Sports. I'll add the points to the old name. Season This Total Week Player 94 19 bullets13 93 21 AggiesAreWe 91 21 navydawg31 91 20 H-STING 89 18 fatthead 89 18 One4All 89 17 KF89 89 16 pdawg119 88 20 no-look 88 18 Bobcatfan4life 87 17 Reagan 86 17 BBfan061 85 18 Austin1985 85 18 JimAdler 85 17 Mr. Buddy Garrity 85 16 Guitar Man 84 16 The Lake 83 20 J-Mike 83 18 NewEra 82 16 TXHORN_ET 80 16 raideroldtimer 80 15 Cat22 79 17 BEARCPA 78 16 Texasdude281 74 15 RETIREDFAN1 70 21 bp141103 66 RedJollyRoger 63 17 PrairieMan 63 15 xlRoblx 61 Bigdaddy79 58 21 Longhorn63 54 marshman 44 16 Smitty91 40 EagleFootball281 36 biaplayer 36 Stangfan#1 35 LSU9 32 EaglesFootball 32 rebelcat 30 Merlin 29 16 Bigdog 26 Txfootballfan 20 Mr. Thornton Melon 19 DP#1FAN 19 vp93 18 Back2swag 17 ThaGhost 16 16 59n Sports 13 Aeternum Invictum
  14. I know. But there are some that think it could happen.... Not a snowballs chance 🔥
  15. The title should've been the "District Champion" Nobody realized this wasn't about the Defensive Coordinator.
  16. And most of those numbers were all district last year. With the potential to be all state with a trip to Dallas being predicted. And that would've help them tremendously with recruitment and scholarships.
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