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  1. If memory serves me right...isn't there Blue&Silver ties to Zachary football?
  2. 9 of the overall 10 have happened the last 15 years. the other one was 1998.
  3. Jasper played a game or two last season in all black uniforms. While they looked pretty good, I am not a fan of them at all. I guess I am old timey,, but I like staying with school colors. Jasperโ€™s colors are supposed to be Crimson & White. In recent years we have went more gray and dark red with black mixed in. I am not sure what brand we use.
  4. I remember Jasper being ranked # 1 and getting beat by Lincoln. If my memory serves me right, Jasper has been ranked # 1 once or twice or many times.๐Ÿค”
  5. ALL 11 return next season on defense. 8 will return on offense.
  6. Bellville is more deserving than alot of them. mmmmmmm, yes that's what I was saying I think maybe. I am quite certain, now that you reminded me.๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. lol. no love for Jasper after beating the #9 4A DII team. HF found their way into the spotlight ( and I was one of the first to give them props) after playing a relatively weak schedule to that point. in all honesty I think we are headed in that direction(top ten) but in reality not one as of now. It just tickles me seeing some of the "ranked" teams this year and the roads that got them there.
  8. It's been over a decade since Newton lost a District game. Nothing changes that win streak (in District) this year.
  9. lol, I put Jasper vs Hamshire-Fannett and it said HF 26 Jasper 21 Jasper beat HF this past Friday 26-21
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