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  1. Tired of worrying about the most overrated program in Texas…I’m looking for other dumpster fires to check out,undefeated PAM sounds like a good place to start!
  2. The “real PAM fans agree you’re better off supporting them Cougars come on! Mightymouth lol
  3. Nice to see Liberty in the spread and not 3 yards and a cloud of dust
  4. The ensuing free kick taken to the house..2 point conversion good 10-0
  5. WOS drove the field but got stopped at the 1,Liberty first snap is a safety…2-0 Stangs
  6. What if they do? They will most likely score!
  7. Poor wording on my part but I did go to the practice today,might make more sense now as to what I was talking about!
  8. You play the way you practice…if you don’t hit everyday you won’t hit Friday…sad sad times,I’ve seen everything I needed to see and until it changes WOS will be mediocre!✌️
  9. Liberty is no different than anybody else,they gonna come in here Friday thinking they can win and will be full of confidence…if we lose homecoming we might not have a team left!
  10. It’s funny to watch it but they seriously going after that head,some of the names he mentioned told me way before the season it wasn’t going to work and they were going after all of em like he said..
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