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  1. I would take a look in Silsbee…
  2. I can believe it, it’s a free for all in Dallas when it comes to recruiting. However I don’t think the UIL will do anything about it, it’s been going on for years. I believe the only reason the UIL started investigating them in the first place is because DV went around them to essentially get ruling on Anthony Black overturned.
  3. Not sure the exact details but I know the decision came from the district & not the UIL
  4. They actually didn’t lose the chance to play in the playoffs, they opted out on their own. Big difference
  5. In order to dethrone someone you have to beat them Soulja, so again…who dethroned them?
  6. I agree with everything you said except for this…DV will be a problem for as long as they want to be. The Dallas area has by far the best basketball talent in the state of Texas, it’s not close actually IMO. With DV being able to attract kids from all over Southwest Dallas & beyond, they’d still be a problem for Beaumont if we were to go to one public school because the talent comes in waves. For example next year will likely be a huge drop off for BU in terms of success & playoff run. However I’ve been saying Beaumont needs one school for over 10 years now & everyone on here called me crazy. That’s the only chance Beaumont has to compete at the 6A level consistently.
  7. Kimball don’t win state if BU is still 5A, also how did LH proved DV is beatable & they didn’t beat them? Give credit where credit is due & stop hating, DV are the kings of Texas when it comes to basketball.
  8. Who dethroned them Soulja? Last I checked they hadn’t loss a playoff game since 2018
  9. So if the parents lied & said a coach dog something he didn’t do, that doesn't matter? Got it… btw this wasn’t a punishment. Simple bootcamp that has been in place at Rockwall for years. If you actually knew the situation around the few kids that actually went to the hospital then you'd mostly agree with me. Like I said this situation was simply a few * kids that went ran to mommy. It’s a reason majority of the parents & players stood up for Coach Harrell
  10. How is that besides the point when that’s what the parents accused Coach Harrell of doing?
  11. Lol again you didn’t answer my question, do you really believe a bunch of HS kids actually done 368 push ups? No matter the age if that actually happened I would think more than just 4 or 5 kids would’ve been in the hospital.
  12. You actually believe some HS kids did 368 push ups in 60 mins? Common sense has nothing to do with a degree, you would think more than just 4 or 5 kids would’ve been hospitalized if that was the case right? Also you would think parents & players wouldn’t come to the defense of a coach who would put multiple kids in the hospital.
  13. Not really…we all know nobody in the state is beating DV. Lake Highlands should send a gift to the UIL for their rings lol
  14. Stop it bro, we all know that ruling was just the UIL throwing their weight around. But when you’re the big dogs you can say what you want until some one dethrones you. 5 years & running no one has dethroned them.
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