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  1. Really good hire! As I stated previously on this thread, Mike T has been an essential part of WB’s success the last few years & is a student of the game & I have a ton of respect for how he goes about things as a coach. Big on teaching kids how to do things the right way to prepare them for not only basketball but the game of life. He’ll be fine there, my only question is what kind of talent does WB have returning? Best thing about this situation for Mike T is WB will be 5A for at least the next 2 years, so he should win a lot of games & have some deep playoff runs.
  2. If we’re going off resume I think Coleman would be a slam dunk hire for WB. Proven winner & state champion. Should be #1 on the list. The second call should go to Tigee Rideaux who’s had great success as a head coach & would be another slam dunk hire! However I doubt he moves back to Beaumont and wouldn’t count him out for the Summer Creek job. Next up would be Mike T, who’s been a key component to WB’s success and has essentially been acting as the Head Coach over the years without the title. Omar would also be a great hire for this job as well. Would get all of the elite talent to come play at WB and has done a great job as an assistant. This hire would honestly be pretty hard for BISD to mess up, they should have a long list of elite applicants for this job.
  3. Happy Retirement to the 🐐 Grateful to have had the opportunity to soak up your wisdom. Will never forget all the talks and game you’ve given me over the years. The best bball coach in SETX History!
  4. Great run by BU I think this years run was the most impressive of them all, because no one had BU picked to win the region. They showed the heart of a champion tonight. Also I’m confident that BU would’ve won state had Dotson been healthy based off what I seen from the other 3 teams today. Either way nothing to hang your head over, this group will be forever remembered in Beaumont.
  5. I’m actually headed to Brazil for a 10 day vacation…so if you call that sad then sure lol
  6. Yeah cause I really care about the opinions of a bunch of old men who have never played sports and are clueless about whats happening in HS sports outside of SETX…
  7. Here’s the post: I said there wouldn’t be any penalties handed to NS & I was right. I also gave a back story to why the Dekaney Coach even made this an issue to begin with & gave the back story behind it. I can post the DM that was sent to me while I was still coaching, from a former Dekaney player proving the validity to the back story I provided. Furthermore you failed to mention how the NS OC said in a sworn statement that he wrote & gave to GPISD (which is what I based the statements I made on here off of) officials stating that the recruiting violations NEVER happen and that he reached out to the players in regards to signing up for his company services. Again this can be verified by simply going watch the meeting. So let me get this correct I’m wrong for stating exactly what the guy told the admin during the investigating right? Before yesterday he NEVER admitted to any recruiting violations.
  8. I did though…you do realize yesterday was the first time he ever admitted to any recruiting violations right?
  9. I ain’t kept nothing going I been debunking Cougars recruiting myths all day…I just find it crazy how I’m wrong about something a guy wrote in his own sworn statement lol
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