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  1. Who are we asking? This is last years picks.
  2. No, I do not think so at all - Our taxes shouldn't be paying for staff to promote for any Justice. I believe it's agaisnt the ethics for Congress and the Executive branch to do that very thing.
  3. See other thread about Hardin's coach.
  4. So, then you'd agree what Thomas did wasn't ethical? Impeachable? I read it....Prodded...They presuded them to buy her book? Okkkkk.... I would need more proof of the "prodding" before I compare it to what Thomas did not disclose. I actually have no problem with officals making money from books or speaking engagements - Right, left, center. I think Bush made $10M on his book deal - Taking very expensive trips with friends, I really don't mind that, as long as your disclse it and also the recuse yourself from the trial that would involve this friend.
  5. cnn.com/2023/07/05/politics/taylor-taranto-detention-memo-obama-neighborhood-arrest/index.html
  6. I have always been fascinated by Killer Whales - They're so smart. [Hidden Content]
  7. I'm gay and not mentally ill. I also think it's disgusting to be naked in a parade of any kind.
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