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  1. No. From what I've read today: IMO - She just wants attention. Apparenly he cheated on her & beat her per their son's Twitter post (who has been campaigning for his father up until this news broke) - It's about revenge and 15 mins of fame for her and their son - not politics. Their son is quite a peice of work from what I've gathered - a wannabe socail media 'influencer'.
  2. Paid for his former girlfriends abortion - It just played on YouTube, not sure how facual it is. He has a son with that same ex-girlfriend who is tweeting negative things about Walker not being a family man that he is "claiming" to be - per his son.
  3. I don't doubt this at all. I don't use CNN to get my news, I'm not sure what they cover or do not cover.
  4. If you took my post as defending CNN - You're reaching. I Googled "CNN Biden Jackie" it was the first to pop up. Unlike most people, when anyone posts something, I try to do more reseach when I'm not busy at work to see if it's true. In this case, what was posted is that CNN did not report on it, I proved that they in fact did.
  5. N. Korea is a JOKE - They would be taken out in by Japan and S. Korea easily - They just want to be in the headlines. [Hidden Content] This was interesting chronicalogical order of events about N. Korea starting from 1994.
  6. [Hidden Content] Happens around the 55 second mark in this YouTube video
  7. Well, it took only TWO second to find the CNN article about Biden's mistake. 🙄
  8. I'm not saying it didn't happen - I Googled the quote you had and I didn't see it, but I am also at work and didn't spend too much time looking.
  9. False. It was a headline on CNN. [Hidden Content] I can't find the Harris quote on any Google search.
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