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  1. Or he doesnt want to face the music after crowing all summer long. He certainly has had no problem talking in the past when Crosby was winning.
  2. Who all is injured? And where is the mouth of the south spokesman for team Crosby at? Was he banned?
  3. [Hidden Content] I see Iowa Colony on Nov 8th, looks like the 5th is still open? and I guess BH just threw in the towel on hosting the big Christmas tournament? Geez
  4. Well it better be Manvel. Regardless there was probably other games to drop besides that one, kind of a bs move if true.
  5. I hear you but you dont replace a player like that and get better as a team. I agree with what bullets said.
  6. Im sorry when you said Lamar I was thinking Lamar High School in Houston.
  7. Fact is HJ is worse without Ashlyn and BH is much better with Carter. Would have be interesting had Carter been there two seasons ago. BH was not as strong last year, not arguing that, as they were the year before but this year they will be much better. Carter will provide offense and in turn open up scoring opportunity for everyone on the team.
  8. So sneed left but his daughter stayed at HJ? That seems odd
  9. Nah i dont think so. BH played HJV pretty tough just two years ago without Carter. It was within 10 going to the 4th if I recall.
  10. Does that include Barbers Hill? Dalanna Carter is back!
  11. I am picking a close game but BH pulls it out.
  12. Too much credit for the 6'4 Wrs who run 4.5s? Good lord can you not be objective at all.
  13. Do you mean state rankings? [Hidden Content] BH is 5A #5 Hardin is 3A #5
  14. I suspect Hardin will not be as good as they were last year but still solid.
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