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  1. Right on. We need some rest and healing badly!!
  2. I know Chambers Co. pretty good. Look up the composition of the elementary school there. Your jaw might drop. But if you think that's all false, its perfectly fine with me. Don't care.
  3. O'Neals has been there for about 5 years, I think. They have had a place on old 146 in central Baytown forever, but now expanded to the north landing of the Hartman bridge. I don't think O'Neal's is going anywhere. They seem always busy. [Hidden Content]
  4. If so, I am surprised they just dropped out of the Rice Bowl. Seems they would want to play, correct? In any case I was talking medium to longer term. I have no idea who is coming up in the next 1-3 years for them. Winnie is changing, futbol will benefit. Zero doubt about that. On a related matter, Chambers Co. just voted to build a massive jail and Justice Center (Courts) in Anahuac. Look for Anahuac's population to further accelerate.
  5. Not trying to challenge that but T-Bone Toms was a big disappointment last time I went. Way too expensive and a dry, small steak. Mrs. Scientist asked me to not take her there again. I would suggest O'Neals on the Water. Great place and awesome views. Even live music sometimes. [Hidden Content]
  6. Winnie is turning into a small version of Pasadena, or so it appears. Soccer likely will be excellent for them but if they can't bring in more Beaumont skill position players like they did a few years ago to elevate their program it is likely on a slow decline.
  7. Yeah, the comment was made for the viewing public. not aimed at you. Note I said "people".
  8. BH will go 6A at some point. Rational people know that. Mont Belvieu has grown and will continue to grow. Its an attractive place and ISD. My guess is it won't go 6A during this cycle, but it will the next. The expert projections I see on line do not mention BH as a likely candidate to move up to 6A but of course anything is possible. I hope there is a 7A by 2026. If that happens, then BH might land in a good spot, but that's way off.
  9. Do some research. That's a falsehood that people run with but its totally wrong.
  10. Before I even clicked on this, I knew someone would be here taking a shot at BH. Right on schedule. Never fails. 24/7/365! BTW 1985, PAM has been FOOD for a lot of 1st round opponents the past 5-6 years.
  11. Yeah it amazes me some want to throw rocks at LH when they are having a RARE off year. What they do is not for everyone thats for sure but LH has been very, very successful with it. 95% of teams in TX would be envious of LH's program and accomplishments. They owe no one an apology!
  12. I would think Absek might give the injured payers another week to heal up if they are not needed vs, GCM. At least I hope that's what he does. I would hate for any of them to have a re-injury at this point. We need to get people well as much as possible. JMO.
  13. False narrative. No one is making any excuses. No one is trying to "change any score". Take your win that LP rightfully earned and move on, hopefully with a bit of class.
  14. I bet you turned backflips in celebration 5 blocks down the street. I know Haters gonna hate, congrats. I hope your life is somewhat better now. I just hope that meaningless last second TD that triggered you so badly won't wreck whatever is left of your life. GEEZE.
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