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  1. When people state here "they could not raise their kids without coaches" that's reverence. You are just looking for a spot of missed paint on my door.
  2. Yes. Re-read and comprehend: A six figure salary is not unheard of. "not unheard of" is an accurate statement, and in NO WAY infers most make that. Coaching salaries and teaching salaries have definitely been trending UP. Why? Teaching shortages today demand higher compensation. I went to lengths to say teachers salaries have rose significantly. None of that is "negative" its accurate and part of an open discussion. Its actually positive. Sorry everyone "found something negative" in my words. I didn't mean to hurt everyone's DELICATE feelings.
  3. Seriously? We can't raise our kids without coaches? Seriously? Morals, values and ethics need to come from the home! Coaches certainly should be a good role model and all but no way is "raising our kids" dependent on them. God gave kids parents!
  4. To be fair they could also make LESS in countless other industries too. A six figure salary is not unheard of. Even a high 5 figure salary is very very good. Teachers as a whole made a lot less 15-20 years ago but compensation has since rose significantly. I certainly respect most coaches but I don't revere any of them. They are just people too, just like in other professions. If someone chooses to be a coach they need to understand a bit of the spotlight comes with the job. Its not for the thin skinned. (No, this is not coach bashing. Its just a discussion.)
  5. Rethink it: What Biden’s ‘Where’s Jackie?’ moment says about the media (msn.com) Regarding the latter, it is stunning that some outlets didn’t cover “Where’s Jackie?” CNN is the most notable, only because we’re continually being told of the network’s pivot back to the political center under new management (Discovery) and its new president (Chris Licht). But while CNN White House Correspondent Phil Mattingly asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about it during the daily briefing that day, CNN itself did not broach it on air. Hurricane coverage was front and center, of course, but the network also covered the Jan. 6th committee and former President Trump’s legal battles, so there was room. I was right. CNN dodged it trying to cover Bidens senility. They would have stroked out if Trump had said it, 24/7 round the clock.
  6. I would like to think that too but it seems the Dims will ALWAYS get a pass. If Hillary didn't do time behind bars no Dim will either. Their accountability IS coming, but just not in this world. Dementia Joe is about to turn 80, just saying. Hillary is mid 70's...
  7. EXACTLY RIGHT. How anyone can infer the extreme liberal media is not extremely liberal is beyond me. Funny how quickly my words were examined and tried to find fault with them. Maybe Bobcat will apply a bit of scrutiny to the lying, corrupt CNN next time, instead of a random poster on SETXSports.
  8. I work with several Dims, incidentally in their early 60's are furious Biden has destroyed their retirement plans. Smart Dims are waking up. Many Dims don't want Biden to run again. How do you like Bidens runaway inflation, big girl?
  9. Neither did I. It took me all of three seconds to find it.
  10. It took me all of three seconds to find it. [Hidden Content] It was also on TV. I saw it myself.
  11. Cool. Apparently it was on CNN at some point. Perhaps it finally appeared after the story got so large they could not hide it anymore. CNN repetitively called for Trump to have cognitive testing, but AS FAR AS I KNOW they won't call for Biden to test. CNN has a long history of lying for Democrats while smearing Republicans and conservatives. That's why CNN loses lawsuits after they slander innocent people. Understandably, their ratings are in the toilet. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Then there was this: [Hidden Content]
  12. Yeah you would NEVER see a flaming liberal celebrity get a phone confiscated, but let Lindell support Republicans and he gets swarmed by FBI and phone taken away. FBI = CORRUPT.
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