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  1. Thanks for the question. Here is a link. [Hidden Content]
  2. Barbers Hill Eagles 2024 Football Schedules Varsity Day Date Opponent Location Time Friday 23-Aug Shadow Creek (Scrimmage) Eagle Stadium TBA Friday 30-Aug New Caney Eagle Stadium 7:00PM Friday 6-Sep Manvel (Hall of Honor) Eagle Stadium 7:00 PM Friday 13-Sep Deer Park Clyde Abshier Stadium 7:00PM Friday 20-Sep Richmond Foster Eagle Stadium 7:00PM Friday 27-Sep * Lufkin Abe Martin Stadium 7:00PM Friday 4-Oct * Baytown Sterling (Homecoming) Eagle Stadium 7:00PM Friday 11-Oct * Port Arthur Memorial Stadium 7:00PM Friday 18-Oct * Beaumont United (Youth Night) Eagle Stadium 7:00 PM Friday 25-Oct * Galveston Ball Kermit Courville Stadium 7:00PM Friday 1-Nov Bye Friday 8-Nov * Beaumont West Brook (Senior Night) Eagle Stadium 7:00PM
  3. Cackling Kamala, or "Heels up Harris" if you prefer, has a LOT of hard questions coming her way. 1) Other than sleeping your way into politics under Willie Brown, what qualifications do you have to be President? 2) Why did you hide and cover up Joe Bidens dementia the past 3.5 years? 3) You had ONE job the past 3.5 years as Border Czar, how did you fail so spectacularly? I look forward to her answering those and many others!
  4. I see you think blacks are eternally stupid. How racist of you.
  5. So if blacks vote 94% for their own race, but whites split roughly 50/50, then the whites are racist? Try again, troll. Blacks are starting to wake up. The most racist thing ever is them being held down on the Democrats plantation. The Dems feed them hand out "give me's" for their vote, but blacks suffer greatly under Dem rule. For example the Biden-Harris inflation has hit them WAY harder that other demographics. A lot are still too stupid to see thats the truth, and will always vote Dem regardless, but some are waking up and wiseing up and realizing they can reach better, more productive lives when Republican administrations support free market opportunity for all.
  6. THE #1 problem we have is America has lost its moral compass. I agree it is not going away. America tolerates and even embraces immorality. I don't think Harris calling for unlimited abortion for example, will hurt her in the election one bit. Sad days in America.
  7. I have said a number of times CB is a pathetic troll. He is doing his best to provoke everyone else. The sad thing is, he is about the only poster from Bridge City here. Its a misfortune that the one "village idiot" in BC represents BC here, inadvertantly or not.
  8. That level of incompetance could only be achieved by a DEI hire. She is also a personal friend of Jill Biden. Go figure.
  9. Biden was filmed yesterday being helped into a SUV. His helpers literally inches away from him helping him up into his seat. Biden - no mask. All his helpers in the SUV - no mask. Covid is a strange disease. If you are a Republican, you BETTER mask yourself and stay a mile away from everyone else, or you get fired and/or arrested. If you are Biden, Schiff, Fauci, Pelosi, Gavin Newsome, the Obamas, or an illegle immigrant, feel free to go anywhere and do anything with Covid and without a mask.
  10. Well, well, well. Not surprised. My wife and I are watching TV and clearly Biden and the Dems are in full implosion mode. Its getting real late in the election cycle to change course, and senile grumpy Joe is digging in his heels refusing to leave. Only "God could make me go" he says. Wife asks me what do I think will happen. I tell her the puppet masters who installed Biden will likely take him out. She asks what do I mean by that. I tell her it would not surprise me if Biden has a "cardiovascular event" and dies much the way multiple people on the wrong side of the Clintons committed sucide by a double tap to the back of the head. LOL. Now Biden is backing off the God statement, now saying "health issues could make him go". Suddenly he has Covid. Interestingly enough, neither him or his staff around him are wearing masks. How does that work? Real strange days in Bidens world. The Dims are about to take him out, one way or another I bet. Stay tuned... [Hidden Content] A maskless Biden arrived at Harry Reid International Airport in Nevada on Wednesday afternoon, following the announcement of his diagnosis. Reporters questioned him about his condition as he walked to Air Force One.
  11. Tune in and you might learn someting. I watched JDV interview last night. That question was asked, and he had a great answer. He admitted he made one innapropiate comment years ago but has since seen with his own eyes the excellence Trump brought to America and even the whole world. He commented he clearly saw the world at peace, almost zero terrorism, a secure border, and a rocking ecomonmy with almost no inflation, etc. and he was throughly convinced Trump is the best man to lead the nation. If that does not convince you, why would Trump (of all people) choose a VP that hates him? Trump is totally convinced about JDV. Open your eyes like JDV did years ago. Learn things, It can help you too.
  12. JD Vance is going to absolutely eviscerate Cackling Kamala if/when they debate. Then 29 year old Cackling Kamala rose in politics only by being married 60 year old LA Mayor Willie Browns mistress. Before Cackling Kamala, she was widely know as "heels up Harris" due to her opportunistic sleeping with Brown and political others. JD Vance is a Summa Cum Laude Yale Law School graduate. Cackling Kamala is only capable of word salads. Evisceration is coming for Kamala. Even though she is as dumb as she is, she knows this. Total Evisceration.
  13. Its not a "meh", its not a traffic ticket issued to a nobody. It is election interferance at the hightest level. The Presidency of the United States.
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