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  1. True. I know it looked like Dayton was playing against a JR High coach. But, regardless -- I could tell that Dayton was well coached. BTW -- did anyone notice when the Nederland player got hurt, the Dayton cheerleaders and all the players took a knee?! I looked at Nederland and they did nothing! Could show Dayton!
  2. Agree! But there are quite a few that needs to be impeached!
  3. DeSantis holds massive double-digit lead over Crist in Florida governor’s race! Apparently Floridians do not share @UT alum's and @Big girl's disgust for their great Governor! [Hidden Content]
  4. Once the Republicans regain control of the House and Senate, I feel real confident that the right investigations will ramp up!
  5. As much damage that JoeBama is doing, and has done -- haven't heard you say anything about how "despicable" HE is!
  6. Check out the punk in the orange hat! Anyone you know?!
  7. But -- both TC and PNG are better coached than Nederland! So...
  8. Search Warrant FBI Used To Get Mike Lindell’s Cell Phone Is Under Dispute — DOJ Won’t Concede Filed Copy Is “True And Correct”! [Hidden Content]
  9. It's funny that @UT alum has not brought up the racist actions by the people in Martha's Vineyard! SMH!
  10. I appreciate your reply. But, the play wasn't the question. The question was was it the right "decision" to go for it on 4th down on your on 32? I'll repeat: "OK, opinion time: Was this a bonehead coaching decision or a brilliant coaching decision?" You have an opinion on the "decision?"
  11. Nederland had 4th and 3 or 4 to go on their own 32 yard line and went for it. Didn't make it. Dayton took it in for another score. OK, opinion time: Was this a bonehead coaching decision or a brilliant coaching decision?
  12. I was actually thinking more like the JR High team! SMH!
  13. Court rules that voter ID, citizenship checks don’t disproportionately hurt minorities. Of course it doesn't! It only hurts those that want to cheat!! This also means Hershal Walker will legally win. plus -- this law ought to stop the steal in Georgia in 2024! [Hidden Content]
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