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  1. Well, we know Coach Green wasn’t coaching. But if you know who actually was coaching, then you’d understand what happened…
  2. As much as we keep up with the dunk counts, we all already know who would’ve been registered for the dunk contest. 😁
  3. First of all, I’m expecting Dotson to blossom into the Yates type role. I’m expecting Payia to be a little better, but not on the level as Porchia. I’m also expecting Davis to step into his starting role and be VERY key to this team’s success. That along with some really talented players coming off the freshman team, one good guard off the JV team, and those two freshmen that’s on varsity that will. Sophomores next year. to answer your initial question, I think it’ll be a little more than just replacing Yates and Porchia.
  4. Duncanville don’t need to say anything except addressing ineligible players.
  5. Dude, they said that he didn’t look like a 5a star after seeing him vs DeSoto. No one said he wasn’t good. 🙄🙄
  6. Congratulations to LH. Best team won, best team we’ve faced. We’ll be in good hands next year and ready to make a run again.
  7. Man I swear. Every time Payia puts the ball on the floor, it’s a turnover. If you gonna get him involved, let it be a catch and shoot!
  8. Our defense is playing well. Work harder on rebounding and my God, no silly turnovers. We’re shouting free throws well, so that’s a plus. But they did miss that goaltending.
  9. Looks like Washington exerted all of their energy in the first half.
  10. Man Washington is on FF’s tail! McDermitt is in beast mode!
  11. Rumor has it that Ellison’s best player was injured and played limited minutes…
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