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  1. Why do we always end up playing CH or Lindale, can't ever catch Palestine. They seem to be the only team to beat from that district. Apparently, it's already decided up in East Texas if we already know the first round matchup. Curious how it all shook out on their side since Lindale goes in as the 3 seed.
  2. 47-13 Pirates keep it rolling into the playoffs.
  3. Thanks buddy, he did his thing. Now currently doing his thing at the Vidor Walmart lol. Idk how someone deserves 15 dollars an hour starting out and all you have to do is shop for people when they put an order in but once again… what do I know. Go Stros 5-0 again, when you miss that big fish and get a second chance you can’t let him off the hook again.
  4. I wanted my son to learn how to be a long snapper, that’s where the money is at when you can’t run a 4.5 or benchpress a Cadillac. Could have had a 25 year career in football but what does the old man know about anything ever…
  5. Fastest fingers west of the Mississippi my boy. Tear in my beer for the Stros, we’ll get em today.
  6. Their run will probably last as long as that QB is there, guys like that aren't easy to replace. Just look at the downturn from LCM after losing their QB from last season.
  7. Look at the Raiders beating up on almost everyone they play, some big blowouts and high point totals so far this season. It sure is fun to watch their wide open air raid style of play and salty defense, although a lot more fun when they aren't blasting your team. Congrats on the outright DC, when is the last time Lumberton had one of those?
  8. Didn’t the new guy receive a not so warm welcome from the community during his introduction. I can only imagine the level of vitriol headed his way if things do not improve and only get worse. There were a lot of people that wanted someone else, who was from the community and understood the tradition, maybe they were onto something. From an outside perspective, very little if any changes were needed to the actual game planning, offensive and defensive schemes to remain successful.
  9. They got change alright… upgraded the locker room and training facility, got a ‘coach who cares’. Big downgrade in the performance on the field, game plan and season record. A downturn from an experienced team with high expectations. What happens when they have a rebuilding year with a team full of underclassmen? Give the new guy more time to implement his changes across the program then watch the further decay and downward spiral. I say keep the change, change back to the old ball coach and his experienced assistants.
  10. Finally… we owe them a couple of beatings. They have had our number the last few years.
  11. Just an ongoing joke from me to the OP, I don’t have any evidence of wrongdoing or bring any accusations against anyone in particular. I like to mess with the guy because you see that program changing over there and I’m sure it will continue to change over the next few years. Just look at their basketball program, they have players from Orange, BC, Orangefield and even announce that during intros before the game. Call it what you want, I call it ‘cruitin’.
  12. They should have had enough sense to put an experienced guy in there. You can’t have your players confused running around like they don’t know what to do. WOS always had their stuff together on the field, a well oiled machine.
  13. Reading through the weekly comments on this board it sounds like the coach doesn’t know what he is doing. I don’t know the man but maybe he’s in over his head, is this his first head coaching job? It sounds like the players are confused by his schemes and playing lost out there. Maybe he has a horrible game plan or doesn’t know how to relay what he wants them to do on the field. Or worse, both.
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