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  1. Me too… ain’t no damn way @RaiderGirl22 am I betting on Vidor to win district. They have no chance at this point. I don’t even know where PA stands in their district but it’s probably near the top or MBG wouldn’t have tried to bet me.
  2. Looks like you can go to bed LCMtiger… we’ve had about enough of your Silsbee loving LCM living self.
  3. We had an alpha in charge… now he’s selling tee shirts or something.
  4. Typical MBG… Typical PA… nope, not gonna go there. I don’t think we play y’all so till we meet again my friend.
  5. I wasn’t impressed but I’m no coach nor motivator. Maybe they can surprise me but it looked bad from my POV.
  6. That’s what I meant… the other years dude.
  7. You still talking about ‘17 MBG… you probably don’t want to talk about many other years though? Programs have their down years… it’s too bad ours is about to come just as we lost a legend of a coach for a new guy. Good Lord, we ask upon you to guide us and see us through the hard times ahead.
  8. Gone are the days where we could outscore L-Town and LCM even with our running offense. Vidor defense is no good, offense no good, hell even our band is no good. You boys have finally broken us now that we have lost Mathews. SmashMouth by as many as he wants @Reagan.
  9. Lumberton attempting a FG around 45 yards FG is good nice kick 24-7 L Halftime
  10. Looks like L gets a 1st down after a penalty after the play 1st and 10 at V 32 11 ticks
  11. Qb scramble pass inc 2nd and 10 28.2 to half
  12. Completion along the sideline 1st down to V 38 40 secs
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