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  1. Also. High flying success leads to transfers from other schools on top of the normal growth. And being from the area lumbertons growth "seems" much higher than most other places around in my opinion
  2. Am I wrong about lumberton growing fast? Its a great area with alot of developing real-estate thats where i get my prediction from.
  3. Clearly you missed the rest of the thread troll. This is lumberton vs CH. Nothing here talking about lcm nor peevy they were enjoying basketball season rooting for the raiders as well
  4. Not sure how CH sizes up but lumberton is the only school in the district that didn't have to have any 2 way starters. They're really a 5A team playing down right now.
  5. Whew. Not sure what happened there. Not sure I've ever seen a choke that bad. Great season raiders.
  6. 20 has got to get his nose in there and block on the qb option runs. He's stopping mid hole
  7. #20 has got to run in there and block on the qb option plays hes stopping mid hole.
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