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  1. Here’s your data you requested. There is a reason that the FDA and Pfizer wanted to hide the clinical trails for 75 years. Think about that…why would they want to hide the clinical trials for 75 years? Click on the link an enjoy reading. As for as the ivermectin and hydroxychoroquine, my personal doctor used pretty much the same protocol as Dr Ilmanuel a did not lose one patient in about the 2,000 that he treated. Imagine the billions Big Pharma made by pushing the ineffective vaccine and squashed anyone who brought up ivermectin and hydroxycholoroquine. Check in with Dr Robert Malone one of the inventors of MRNA technology to see what he has to say about the vaccine. I guess you’re going to say I altered Pfizer’s clinical data. Lol
  2. Very Well Said. Even the People in the Back may Understand it.
  3. I can’t get you off my mind. Signed Emotionally Broken Trump Hater, Cardinalbacker 😂🤣
  4. The most striking thing about his busy day is that he remembers it at the end of the day unlike our Dementia Patient that is playing President.
  5. This is a Big Strike against Desantis. Jeb, George, and Karl Rove, Nothing but Swamp Rats. This helps Trump tremendously imo.
  6. Only fitting to post this on a Sunday Morning.
  7. He’s emotionally broken the Left and his Haters. It’s Comical at this Point! 🤣😂
  8. You’re an expert in your own mind about Covid Vaccine Effectiveness. Everything that has come out in the past two years says differently. Your Medical Credentials are Incredible! Lol Keep reassuring yourself.
  9. Your pride just want let you admit you were wrong. Keep on digging. You look more foolish the more you post. Lol You can write a book on this thread if you want too but you did know if enough 2 years ago and still do not know enough about the vaccine to cheerlead it’s effectiveness. But please keep on rambling. The more you try to save face the less face you have left.
  10. Lol, your probably right.
  11. That’s good! I like that! 😂 Crank it up! Lol
  12. I knew that was coming, that’s why I posted that clip. Look at all the lies Newsweek wrote about Trump. Lol. What does any of that have to do with her success rate of treating Covid patients? My doctor basically foIlowed the same protocol and didn’t lose one Covid patient out of about 2,000 of them. I don’t care if she’s a lesbian and worships SpongeBob. If she has a flawless success rate in treating Covid patients then I am seeing her if I was dealing with Covid. An obviously she dealt a lot with these medications in Africa because of Malaria. You probably didn’t even watch the whole clip. Are you refuting her success rate with treatment Covid patients. By the way I am not trying to change your mind. This all started with you thinking you were the Chief of Truth by basically saying Reagan was posting lies. I find that to be such a hypocritical statement considering that you were cheerleading the effectiveness of the vaccine when we now know that was BS. Do you know what was in that vaccine you took? You make comments about a vaccine you truly know nothing about. You just can’t admit it. We’re not debating policy we’re talking about something that could be life altering for some individuals if taken. Hopefully no one that visited this site during that time took you serious. I am not trying to demonize anyone who took the vaccine. That’s an individuals choice but I am definitely not go to defend the effectiveness of a vaccine that I know nothing about like a fool. I have family members who took the vaccine and not one of them were dumb enough to defend the effectiveness of a vaccine they knew nothing about. They ask me what I thought and I told them it was their decision. Do you know what they told me? They said well I guess I am going to take my chances. They didn’t get on a social media forum an speak of the effectiveness of a vaccine they knew nothing about. Like I said you were wrong in speaking on something that could be life altering for some people if taken. If you want to take it then fine but I wouldn’t Champion something I knew nothing about. The more you talk about the more foolish you sound. The End
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