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  1. Bombshell Dominion 'Error Code' Uncovered in 97% of Georgia Counties Open records requests reveal 64 of 66 Georgia counties have the same unsolved 'Tennessee Error' that caused seven scanners to miscount hundreds of ballots. [Hidden Content]
  2. Democrats' "Stolen" Election Claims - FLASHBACK Nearly five million Democrats signed a change.org petition in Dec. 2016 calling on electors to ignore the votes and to make Hillary Clinton the president. This was widely supported by the fake news corporate media. Obama & Hillary weaponized the FBI and DOJ to frame President Trump as a Russian agent. The FBI even altered evidence in federal court to continue to spy on Trump while mainstream Democrats went on television everyday for four years saying: "He's an illegitimate president" "Russia hacked our election" "This was a cyber 9/11" A few hundred unarmed protestors led into a wide-open capitol building with some rioting about a corrupt system & a rigged election was never a threat to "democracy". Using the power of the federal government, corporate media, and the political establishment to fraudulently frame the incoming president as a Russian agent was a coup and an insurrection.
  3. Dang … could have been 12 State Championship! Like I said, if y’all keep working hard enough y’all might be able to get on Crosby’s level. 😁
  4. Dang…that’s more impressive! He’s allowed to talk all the Smack he wants without any repercussions! Lol If they keep working hard they’ll be as Good as Crosby!😁
  5. Wow! Pretty Impressive. How many State Titles to go with that record?
  6. NBC News once said he would be President.😂😂 Ole Avenetti
  7. Breaking … Dog 💩 flavored popsicles now have a higher approval rating than Joe Biden.
  8. HOCO festivities are a big distraction for the players imo. It never fails on the Homecoming Day Parade for Vidor it’s usually 95 degrees, an the players are sitting out in it on a float for about 2 hours along with all the other festivities. By time the game starts they’re worn out. Lol
  9. You cannot subsidize irresponsibility and expect people to become more responsible. - Thomas Sowell
  10. The Biden regime can't even give out disaster relief without making it about race. We are governed by corrupt, woke idiots.
  11. You may need to send her the audio version.
  12. 1st Burger - Trump Burger 2nd Burger - Biden Burger HE BIG MAD!!
  13. Obviously 67 other Republicans that voted against it felt there was too much nonsensical spending in the bill that had nothing to do with helping the people affected by Sandy also.😂 Question: If a deer runs out in front of your car while your driving an you run off the road an total your car that you had no insurance on are the taxpayers responsible for getting you a new car?
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