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  1. Good Ole Farrakhan, Nice Guy. Smh I could go on and on. 😂
  2. The Covid injury data posted above is from the CDC!!!! They. Have. Been. Lying.To.Us. Sorry but you can’t be helped.
  3. You see Trump in your sleep. You need help.
  4. CBS acknowledged the Biden laptop is legitimate 769 days after the New York Post broke the story. If you are a Biden, you can collect more than $30 million from the Chinese government, work with the "spy chief of China," broker a $9 billion oil deal for Vladimir Putin, give "half your salary" to pops for the last three decades, and the corporate media will label your laptop as "Russian disinformation" to conceal your family's crimes, financial corruption, and foreign kickbacks. If you are a Trump, the corporate media will fabricate a Russian-Collusion hoax against you, the FBI will alter evidence in federal court to spy on you, and when all of that doesn't work to frame you for a crime — the DOJ will raid your home.
  5. I don’t know. Believe me there are a ton of rules that get broken on this forum without any say from moderators. I must have hurt their feelings. I don’t even know the little weasel moderator that did it. He never pm me or warned me. I have an idea but not for sure.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving The True Story of Thanksgiving Good Listen.
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