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  1. Keep on playing dumb which not hard for you to do. Everyone knows what it means when you refer to someone as a Son Of blank and leave it blank. Like I said keep on playing dumb and getting yourself all worked up about the Orange Man. By the way even though I am not a betting man based on the fact that a large majority of Democrats believed the 2020 election was stolen I MADE A BUSINESS DECISION TO NOT TAKE YOU UP YOUR FOOLISH BET BECAUSE WITHOUT DOUBT THEY WILL TRY IT AGAIN. THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT WITH ELECTION INTERFERENCE WITH THESE BS INDICTMENTS BUT YOUR TOO IGNORANT NOT TO SEE IT. LOL
  2. It wasn’t misunderstood Coward. Keep on trying to get the reaction you want. Lol Your diarrhea of the mouth is comical.
  3. Imagine playing monopoly and you’re clearly winning. You decide to pause and take a bathroom break. When you come back your opponent claims they won and the game is over. If you try to question it they yell at you and throw away the pieces. That’s the 2020 election.
  4. You know what you did and what you said. You said it to get that reaction. Your a deranged cowardly individual.
  5. I am sure it was a Beta Male Mod who has TDS and made a business decision to take the vaccine also. Lol. Of course you can’t believe half the nonsense that comes out of his mouth anyway.
  6. Nobody gets mad at you. We just get tired of you talking out of both sides of your mouth and rear. You can call me any nickname you want but when you call someone a SOB then you’ve crossed a line. You cry on here constantly about Trump be insensitive but then you out right insult someone’s mother. My mother passed away 15 years ago an was a kind loving individual with a servants heart so if come at me with a insult like that because your so deranged over a Orange Man then you can bet I am coming back at you hard. I was given a warning if I continued an told the Mod to do what they had to do because I wasn’t taking that nonsense off of a cowardly individual like yourself. I then got suspended for 3 days. I’ve never asked a mod to censor anyone on here. Time for you to go back to looking at your Orange Man poster so you can get all worked up. Lol
  7. Awe…dat hurt my feelings. 😂 I am not going to vote anymore. 🤣
  8. Breaking … Garland has just appointed Colonel Sanders as special counsel to investigate the killing of chickens.
  9. What a cowardly weak post. You were wrong on Rudy and Hunters laptop.😂😂 Yeah let’s totally ignore the Capitol Police Chief who was there on J6 that says nothing added up to why proper security wasn’t given that day. Hell the BS J6 Committee didn’t even have him testify. Wow … I wonder why. You would have been the first in line in Nazi Germany going to the gas chambers thinking it’s a steam room.
  10. Too ignorant and lazy to listen to the interview. Not surprising. Lol. Wouldn’t want to be informed about what actually went on that day. Lol Ole 24/7 Left Nut
  11. Why don’t you take the time to listen to the Capital Police Chief on J6 who was fired. He was pissed the way things were handled on J6 not to mention the amount of Feds in the crowd. But I know you hate Orange Man. Lol
  12. You sound like a fool with this post but what’s new. I don’t believe there are Trumpsters on here. I believe most of them believe he’s just the right man for this time in history to do what needs to be done. He has exposed the left and some of the fake right for who they really are. Time to clean house. Hopefully we can have a fair election. although there is election interference already going on with these bs indictments in the Middle of his campaign and your too blinded by your hate for him to see it. Matter of fact he has a message for You.
  13. Character!! You lie on this Freaking board EVERYDAY! Or should I say half truths and out of context statements which are basically Lies. Boy….you really buy into the purity of your candidate when we are all flawed and imperfect. 😂😂🤣😂😂
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