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  1. Times have really changed. BC used to use HF as a punching bag for years
  2. West Brook has taken down several schools with much higher enrollment. That's never been an excuse until recently. It's all about having the right coach. Stump, Peavey and even Flanagan put together playoff teams with no issue. Nobody had more obstacles than Coach Durley and he brought home a championship.
  3. I think this may be the year Stump finally gets a championship
  4. That was completely unheard of in the Stump era. Tackling was MANDATORY at practice. Film sessions were also MANDATORY before practice. Hell, sometimes we had a 2nd film session during Football PE.
  5. Langston is Al Rabb bad. Even Rabb went to the playoffs a few times iirc.
  6. Legacy Sports Science is ready to join TAPPS, TCAL is too easy for them now. They have came a long way so quickly.
  7. I'm not surprise a lot of redneck, trailer trash like that song. Lot of folks in these small towns would love to do what they did back in the day if they could get away with it.
  8. I never thought I would see luxury seats at a high school football game. Like I said before, WOS is a school woth a football team, not a football team with a school. Then again, that explains some of the problems there.
  9. RT Jenkins QB1 has offers from everybody and counting. Last time Brook had a 5 star recruit as a qb was with Brown or Ambres had the star system been around back then.
  10. How did that team not win a championship?
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