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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

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  1. So we're ranking 4th graders now? Did people not learn from the Cody Paul hype? You gotta wait until these kids hit puberty.
  2. Yet another SETX redneck who doesn't understand how money works.
  3. Great size, already starting on varsity as a freshman and has a lot of D1 interest. Definitely one to look out for in the oncoming years.
  4. While you're making jokes, SP could be a solid 2A school if they siphoned a good handful of disgruntled PAM folks.
  5. Damn, seemed like there were more. How good was the 2008 squad?
  6. 2011 team had a handful of D1 guys. They went to state that year too.
  7. When will that be starting up this year?
  8. Brook with Jenkins under center has a shot at a championship if he keeps getting better and develops into the 4 or 5 star recruit everyone thinks he will be in a few years.
  9. If you catch Covid, don't come on here looking for sympathy especially since you think its fake. I love going on reddit and making fun of Trump cultists who catch Covid. It usually doesn't end well for them either. It's ironic since your false god Trump always points to the vaccine being one of the greatest accomplishments of his presidency.
  10. You're* Cant prove him wrong on Frankspeech because Frankspeech.com is a broken website. Every expert that has gone on his show to prove him wrong, Lindell throws a tantrum and ends the show. So I just opt to watch him get humiliated each time he opens his mouth. Trump lost. It's time to grow up and get over it.
  11. Mike Lindell is gonna move the goalposts on this too and you'll still keep believing him and give him your money.
  12. I dont recall anybody making a golden Obama statue and worshipping it. They made a golden Trump statue for CPAC though! Let's not forget all of those kooks who try to point out that Trump is in the Bible.
  13. These people legitimately believe that he's the 2nd coming. The idolatry behavior is disturbing and the level of mental gymnastics these folks have when it comes to Trump is amusing though. I hope they give all their retirement money to those scam artists Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell. Maybe they'll unleash the kraken before the aliens from outer space come to Earth and zap us. Lmao
  14. Your orange false god lost. Get over it. If he actually does run in 2024 and not just use it as a grift for more money from his gullible cult members, I will look forward to watching him lose again.
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