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  1. Open enrollment back in the 2000s is a big reason for West Brook's surge in football. I was zoned to Central because I grew up and lived in the north end but open enrollment made transferring to Brook easy. A lot of star WB guys back in the 2000s would have been at Ozen and Central if zoned schools were mandatory at the time.
  2. Yep. Stump wanted to stick around, even turned down Lamar when they restarted their football program. However, BISD dropped the ball and it was time to go. The man ran a tight ship and a good program. Something I can speak of from personal experience of course.
  3. Mr. Bennett is a good dude. He trained a lot of West Brook players too back when his son played for them.
  4. What's with Vidor and playing private schools in their non-district games?
  5. Beaumont has always been tough but in the 1980s-2000s all of the schools were competitive. When I played at Brook in the 2000s, our fieldhouse was leaky, half of our weights were rusty, the practice field was crappy yet we competed and always made the playoffs. We always wanted to kick the Houston suburban kids' arse because we had a chip on our shoulders after seeing their facilities and nicer uniforms. We beat defending state finalist Hightower, Clear Creek, Fort Bend Marshall, Baytown Lee at its peak, North Shore, loaded PA Memorial teams and so on and so forth. 2000s Central also had bad facilities but they beat Pflugerville Conally, West Orange-Stark, Oak Ridge, Angleton, dominated Nederland and many others. Ozen had the best facilities of the 3 schools which still weren't exactly state of the art but beat 10-0 Galena Park, Brenham and several others as well. Aside from 2018, I don't know what's happened. Now that you mentioned better facilities and parents pay for private coaching, maybe it's a toughness issue and the kids are too soft now?
  6. Those Pear Orchard folks won't allow there to be one high school. Ozen should have never existed in the first place.
  7. This. WOS is a school with a football team not a football team with a school.
  8. No because I care about my college alma mater far more than I ever will about high school.
  9. Get ready for your medicine tomorrow since you still won't let last year's L go. I'm gonna be parked in the middle of that North Shore thread.
  10. When I played at Brook back in the 2000s, we saw a talent dip coming with the underclassmen but not like this. There's definitely talent on this team but I don't know what's going on with the defensive side of the ball.
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